What kind of people do they think we are!

Whilst not entirely without merit, the Conservative manifesto echoes the same approach as all the other remain parties. Unfamiliar with what is going on around them, they grasp at anything they think we want. This aimless flailing started right after the referendum. The thought process goes like this:

“How can we get these people off our backs? We have to do something radical. I know, we’ll refuse to vouch for EU citizens who have already worked hard to make a life here. That’ll appease the masses. And we’ll make a list of who’s employing immigrants. Yeah, that’s a good one. Then we’ll tax people who employ immigrants, even they really need those people and can’t get them anywhere else. A thousand Pounds! No, two thousand!”

“We know for a fact that the real problem is that they’re just cheesed off in general. That must be pleb-speak for workers’ rights. I know, we’ll give them more of those. Hell, we don’t actually work, what would we know about what real workers want? It must mean more taxes and more hand holding.”

What kind of people do they think we are! No wonder they’re so tentative; they think we’re baying for extreme, illogical policies.

No! The whole process shows that they STILL don’t know what the hell is going on. Like all the remain parties, they didn’t actually listen during the run up to the referendum. We heard all their sabre rattling; you couldn’t miss it. But they didn’t even bother to listen to us and now they’re just plain guessing.

It is quite clear what we want:

Control over our borders – Not fines, control! Check people as they come in. Adopt a fair set of rules about who should be here and boot out the chancers. Patrol the shores. France is not a war zone (yet); send illegals back, instead of down the High Street unaccompanied. Once the rules are in place there are no grey areas. We take the people we need and who will contribute to our society, but we crack on with training our own, who we’ve been neglecting for so long. What’s not to understand?

Law and order – Treat everyone the same! Come down heavy on everyone who thinks they can run roughshod over other people, no matter how politically incorrect it is. It’s not okay to say “Carry on” when your people are being mown down in the street. It’s not!

Real democracy – FPTP is so damned fuzzy. How can you tell the government what you want if you constantly have to vote tactically to get it?

And while you’re about it, get our stolen fishing waters back! Stop pussy-footing!

These aren’t extreme policies; they’re sensible. We’re not some confused, deranged mob. It’s the government that are confused. We may be getting out of the EU but we certainly haven’t gotten out of the mentality that put us there in the first place. I’ll say it again – the EU is not the problem; our own government is the problem.

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