Democracy is Already Dead

The other day in a business meeting the inevitable subject of Trump came up, as it always does when new acquaintances seek to reassure themselves they are in “sane” company. I couldn’t resist chipping in, “The problem is, he was elected.” They all nodded sagely but vaguely.

Of course what I meant was that this was the problem with their argument, but after a vague moment of bewilderment, they deduced that this could not possibly be what I meant, and that I was agreeing with them that the problem was democracy. I let it go. I know when I’m outnumbered.

Our government has the same problem. They came up with this strategy for society, they implemented it without consulting us, and they defend it rigorously.

“Defend” is too weak a word here. They go as far as to say that there is no other alternative. The same goes for terrorism. “We allowed it but we think you should put up with it and you WILL put up with it, even if the majority of you disagree.”

This has been the pattern since Brexit shook their world. The entire western world has adopted this tactic: USA, UK, EU. Even the Netherlands, with its PR system, simply refuse to talk to the second largest party, even when they can’t form a government. I daresay they’d sooner reach an agreement with terrorists than with those that are trying to stop them. They just refuse to accept defeat.

Government is one thing but the population is another. It doesn’t matter that the majority of people disagree, the minority simply won’t have it. Some time in the last 40 years the opinion of the majority ceased to matter. That is the death of democracy.

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