Why the left don’t want Brexit

I was wondering why leftists feel differently about nearly every fundamental aspect of life in the UK. It started with Brexit. Why do they want be part of a totalitarian state? Why don’t they want a say in our laws?

Then I wondered why they don’t accept the result of the referendum. It’s more than disagreement; it’s a deep seated desire to overturn the majority. Then came the election and all hell broke loose. They can’t even be bothered to hide their disdain for democracy anymore. The vitriol is totally disproportionate; it’s just plain anarchy. They’ve actually called for mass action to destabilise the government, essentially to overthrow it.

And why do they display such double standards on everything from Islamic terrorism to right wing terrorism and building regulations. Why are Muslim acts of terrorism met with calls for calm, yet British terrorism, rare as it is, is met with the disgust and condemnation it deserves? Why is it a mentally disturbed person of unknown origin when it’s an islamist attack but a bigoted white man within minutes when it’s a white person? Why must we sing and light candles for victims of a islamist attack but get angry about a white attack? Why does the bacon baiting man get a year in prison, dying in mysterious circumstances, but a Muslim who spits in a baby’s face gets a suspended sentence? Why does an accidental fire demand the overthrow of a government while weekly terrorism demands acceptance?

The only conclusion I can come to is this: They actually don’t want democracy. They do want terrorism, but only Islamic terrorism. They do want a totalitarian state. They don’t want us to have a culture. They do want decisions to be made by the state and not the individual. The facts are plain to see. These are hard core Marxists who will stop at nothing to get what they want. They openly support terrorist organisations. They are no different to Stalin and Mao. And there’s nothing we can do about it democratically.

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