Why the hypocrisy?

How many times a day do we point out the hypocrisy of the left? I mean real, serious, down-and-dirty hypocrisy. When has it ever changed anything? I’ll tell you when. Never. For decades now we’ve patiently pointed out their blatant hypocrisy, smugly thinking to ourselves “Well *that* told them. They can’t possible argue that one.” And we’re right; they don’t. They never argue because it isn’t in their interests. Nothing ever happens. The hypocrisy continues, day in and day out, and our anger seethes ever more passionately.

We, on the other hand, spend most of our time and energy defending ourselves from irrational arguments. When are we going to realise: that’s the whole point of their game? I watch how experts like Alistair Campbell and AC Grayling throw out astonishing remarks, knowing full well it makes no sense and will only  make our blood boil. One can almost hear him saying “Just watch this..” as he tweets his bile.

They do it on purpose. They control education, media, universities and most of government. There are no consequences. This is the essence of Marxism. They don’t have to answer to anyone so why should they. Just like any communist outfit, they know that hypocrisy is a vital component of their arsenal. Once you accept that hypocrisy is necessary to further the interests of the cause, it’s easy to throw one-sided accusations and brush off the flack.

When are conservatives going to realise we already live under a Marxist regime? You cannot criticise it; you cannot expose it; and you will be imprisoned if you dare espouse any alternatives. It’s how any dictatorship works: Mugabe, Hitler, Stalin, they all worked the same way. This is Marxist rule for God’s sake! Wake up!

The time for pointing out hypocrisy is long past. A more robust, courageous effort is required. It’s no good voting for Conservatives just because of the name. That has only made it worse. These people are not Conservative! They’re Marxists.

This has gone on for a hundred years. If we get another election we had better hope that people have the courage this time to say the emperor has no clothes. It may well be the last free election we will ever have – if it’s not already too late. The prize is real centrism, not free stuff and not the persecution of a religion. We’ve forgotten what centrism is. It’s good, honest accountability. Accountability for hypocrisy, accountability for violence, accountability for election promises. Ultimately it’s accountability to the people of this country. If you vote for more of the same then *you* will be to blame, no-one else.

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