UK Politics in a Nutshell

Part of the problem with UK politics is that the parties are as divided as the country:

Tories are split 80% remain, 20% leave.

Labour are split 30% Marxist, 70% “moderate” (or closet Marxist). Roughly the same applies to leave/remain.

Ukip are split 50% leave above all else, 50% anti Muslim extremism. But 100% support leave

Only the “Liberal” “Democrats” and Greens are united in their desire to overturn democracy.

In contrast, the people are split, say 65% leave, 35% remain; and 45% Marxist (I know!), 55% classical Conservative.

Then there’s the 30% overall who don’t care enough to vote.

If the politicians all split up and defected to their kindred parties, people might know who they want to vote for. But add FPTP to the mix and nobody has a damned clue what the people actually want because of all the tactics.

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