It’s a bed of nails, but we made it

Ten months ago I said, “Mark my words, Theresa May will never deliver Brexit.” now let’s see what we’ve got here:

The Tories’ official stance during the referendum campaign was Remain. They made that very clear when they used our money to send us propaganda. Cameron and Osborne, leaders at the time, went all out to bully us into staying. None of their threats came to pass, but that’s conveniently been ignored.

The Tories then ousted every leave candidate in an unprecedented smear campaign. Then they bypassed the membership vote and installed a remain PM. That PM dithered for so long that Brexit was almost derailed by remainers.

May’s mantra, “Brexit means Brexit”, was a deliberate obfuscation. It’s like saying “water means water”. Means nothing whatsoever.

So then she calls a general election to “strengthen her hand”, just when it looked like we had overcome all the obstacles. Even before the appalling result, she was already putting up remain candidates. Now this.

I put it to you that the Tories never intended to deliver Brexit. Ever since day one, it has been Tory policy NOT to deliver Brexit. Remain has always been the default stance. A handful of turncoat “Brexiteers” doth not a leave party make.

The government has been grossly misrepresentative of public opinion on Brexit throughout. We had a unique chance to change that, but we blew it.

When all this shit started, I was on my High Street every Saturday for 3 months, protesting. I thought that was the time to protest peacefully. Nobody joined me. Now the time for peaceful protest has gone. We did this to ourselves. I won’t be putting myself in the way of “Liberal” zealots to defend that. We leavers made this bed.

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