Yeah yeah, “next time”

To those voters who say “Next time those disingenuous leaders break a promise they’re going to pay!”, I want you to think honestly now, how many times have you said that? Really? If you said “less than twice”, you’re lying. When are you going to realise your party is crap!

That handful of Tory stalwarts in government can’t fight from within the party. All they achieve is to make people vote for something they can’t deliver.

Just like the last 40 years, you won’t change anything by voting LibLabCon. With FPTP, the only time we’ve made a difference is when we voted outside the bubble. That didn’t get us into government, but it scared the sh*t out of both parties.

Due to the latest Tory f**kup, Labour is going to win the next election anyway, like it or not. Our only hope is to vote for what we actually want. That can be anything you like, as long as it’s not LibLabCon. It’s the “protest” vote, which they’re so quick to sniff at, that really scares them.

They *want* us to vote tactically. Don’t do it! Vote for what you want – that’s what you vote is for. I pleaded with you before the last election. Now look where we are.

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Why the hypocrisy?

How many times a day do we point out the hypocrisy of the left? I mean real, serious, down-and-dirty hypocrisy. When has it ever changed anything? I’ll tell you when. Never. For decades now we’ve patiently pointed out their blatant hypocrisy, smugly thinking to ourselves “Well *that* told them. They can’t possible argue that one.” And we’re right; they don’t. They never argue because it isn’t in their interests. Nothing ever happens. The hypocrisy continues, day in and day out, and our anger seethes ever more passionately.

We, on the other hand, spend most of our time and energy defending ourselves from irrational arguments. When are we going to realise: that’s the whole point of their game? I watch how experts like Alistair Campbell and AC Grayling throw out astonishing remarks, knowing full well it makes no sense and will only  make our blood boil. One can almost hear him saying “Just watch this..” as he tweets his bile.

They do it on purpose. They control education, media, universities and most of government. There are no consequences. This is the essence of Marxism. They don’t have to answer to anyone so why should they. Just like any communist outfit, they know that hypocrisy is a vital component of their arsenal. Once you accept that hypocrisy is necessary to further the interests of the cause, it’s easy to throw one-sided accusations and brush off the flack.

When are conservatives going to realise we already live under a Marxist regime? You cannot criticise it; you cannot expose it; and you will be imprisoned if you dare espouse any alternatives. It’s how any dictatorship works: Mugabe, Hitler, Stalin, they all worked the same way. This is Marxist rule for God’s sake! Wake up!

The time for pointing out hypocrisy is long past. A more robust, courageous effort is required. It’s no good voting for Conservatives just because of the name. That has only made it worse. These people are not Conservative! They’re Marxists.

This has gone on for a hundred years. If we get another election we had better hope that people have the courage this time to say the emperor has no clothes. It may well be the last free election we will ever have – if it’s not already too late. The prize is real centrism, not free stuff and not the persecution of a religion. We’ve forgotten what centrism is. It’s good, honest accountability. Accountability for hypocrisy, accountability for violence, accountability for election promises. Ultimately it’s accountability to the people of this country. If you vote for more of the same then *you* will be to blame, no-one else.

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Why the left don’t want Brexit

I was wondering why leftists feel differently about nearly every fundamental aspect of life in the UK. It started with Brexit. Why do they want be part of a totalitarian state? Why don’t they want a say in our laws?

Then I wondered why they don’t accept the result of the referendum. It’s more than disagreement; it’s a deep seated desire to overturn the majority. Then came the election and all hell broke loose. They can’t even be bothered to hide their disdain for democracy anymore. The vitriol is totally disproportionate; it’s just plain anarchy. They’ve actually called for mass action to destabilise the government, essentially to overthrow it.

And why do they display such double standards on everything from Islamic terrorism to right wing terrorism and building regulations. Why are Muslim acts of terrorism met with calls for calm, yet British terrorism, rare as it is, is met with the disgust and condemnation it deserves? Why is it a mentally disturbed person of unknown origin when it’s an islamist attack but a bigoted white man within minutes when it’s a white person? Why must we sing and light candles for victims of a islamist attack but get angry about a white attack? Why does the bacon baiting man get a year in prison, dying in mysterious circumstances, but a Muslim who spits in a baby’s face gets a suspended sentence? Why does an accidental fire demand the overthrow of a government while weekly terrorism demands acceptance?

The only conclusion I can come to is this: They actually don’t want democracy. They do want terrorism, but only Islamic terrorism. They do want a totalitarian state. They don’t want us to have a culture. They do want decisions to be made by the state and not the individual. The facts are plain to see. These are hard core Marxists who will stop at nothing to get what they want. They openly support terrorist organisations. They are no different to Stalin and Mao. And there’s nothing we can do about it democratically.

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UK Politics in a Nutshell

Part of the problem with UK politics is that the parties are as divided as the country:

Tories are split 80% remain, 20% leave.

Labour are split 30% Marxist, 70% “moderate” (or closet Marxist). Roughly the same applies to leave/remain.

Ukip are split 50% leave above all else, 50% anti Muslim extremism. But 100% support leave

Only the “Liberal” “Democrats” and Greens are united in their desire to overturn democracy.

In contrast, the people are split, say 65% leave, 35% remain; and 45% Marxist (I know!), 55% classical Conservative.

Then there’s the 30% overall who don’t care enough to vote.

If the politicians all split up and defected to their kindred parties, people might know who they want to vote for. But add FPTP to the mix and nobody has a damned clue what the people actually want because of all the tactics.

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It’s a bed of nails, but we made it

Ten months ago I said, “Mark my words, Theresa May will never deliver Brexit.” now let’s see what we’ve got here:

The Tories’ official stance during the referendum campaign was Remain. They made that very clear when they used our money to send us propaganda. Cameron and Osborne, leaders at the time, went all out to bully us into staying. None of their threats came to pass, but that’s conveniently been ignored.

The Tories then ousted every leave candidate in an unprecedented smear campaign. Then they bypassed the membership vote and installed a remain PM. That PM dithered for so long that Brexit was almost derailed by remainers.

May’s mantra, “Brexit means Brexit”, was a deliberate obfuscation. It’s like saying “water means water”. Means nothing whatsoever.

So then she calls a general election to “strengthen her hand”, just when it looked like we had overcome all the obstacles. Even before the appalling result, she was already putting up remain candidates. Now this.

I put it to you that the Tories never intended to deliver Brexit. Ever since day one, it has been Tory policy NOT to deliver Brexit. Remain has always been the default stance. A handful of turncoat “Brexiteers” doth not a leave party make.

The government has been grossly misrepresentative of public opinion on Brexit throughout. We had a unique chance to change that, but we blew it.

When all this shit started, I was on my High Street every Saturday for 3 months, protesting. I thought that was the time to protest peacefully. Nobody joined me. Now the time for peaceful protest has gone. We did this to ourselves. I won’t be putting myself in the way of “Liberal” zealots to defend that. We leavers made this bed.

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The Emperor has no Clothes!

Thirty-eight percent of the UK population appears to support a known terrorist associate for Prime Minister. We’ve just been attacked but this does not factor into it.

Democracy  is under attack throughout the western world. The old guard didn’t win so they just ignore the result and press ahead with overturning it.

Terrorism is now a daily occurrence. Our official response is to welcome it. We know who many of these people are, yet we do nothing to get rid of them.

The EU refuses to have a trade agreement with their oldest ally. They would rather punish us, even if it means they suffer more. We only want to leave because they abuse our good will. These, the people who historically have destroyed Europe several times between them.

Moderates take these slings and arrows and politely point them out, only to be met with more. How can we sit and discuss rationally with a terrorist on primetime television without even acknowledging it? Are we mad? This is a pile of shit and we just discuss it like we’re talking about cream cakes. Why do we even entertain it? How did we even get this far?


Someone needs to stand up and say “The emperor has no clothes!” Don’t defend. Don’t discuss. Just attack. This has gone on long enough.

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Democracy is Already Dead

The other day in a business meeting the inevitable subject of Trump came up, as it always does when new acquaintances seek to reassure themselves they are in “sane” company. I couldn’t resist chipping in, “The problem is, he was elected.” They all nodded sagely but vaguely.

Of course what I meant was that this was the problem with their argument, but after a vague moment of bewilderment, they deduced that this could not possibly be what I meant, and that I was agreeing with them that the problem was democracy. I let it go. I know when I’m outnumbered.

Our government has the same problem. They came up with this strategy for society, they implemented it without consulting us, and they defend it rigorously.

“Defend” is too weak a word here. They go as far as to say that there is no other alternative. The same goes for terrorism. “We allowed it but we think you should put up with it and you WILL put up with it, even if the majority of you disagree.”

This has been the pattern since Brexit shook their world. The entire western world has adopted this tactic: USA, UK, EU. Even the Netherlands, with its PR system, simply refuse to talk to the second largest party, even when they can’t form a government. I daresay they’d sooner reach an agreement with terrorists than with those that are trying to stop them. They just refuse to accept defeat.

Government is one thing but the population is another. It doesn’t matter that the majority of people disagree, the minority simply won’t have it. Some time in the last 40 years the opinion of the majority ceased to matter. That is the death of democracy.

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