This is our chance!

Our weak Prime Minister, who has a clean record of never standing up for anything she says, has called for an early general election. So she triggered article 50. So what? That’s the very least I expect of a “democratic” government, especially one that promised to honour our decision. And let’s not forget, this is almost exactly the same government that did its utmost to bully us into staying in the EU, then railroaded the opposition candidates and ended up crowning its own Remain candidate to deliver something she never believed in.

Naturally she claims it’s because she needs a mandate to implement Brexit. She already has a mandate for Brexit – she just won’t stand up for it! No surprise there. Nonetheless, this is a golden opportunity to ensure that we reiterate our mandate even more resoundingly. I know that the vast body of Leave opinion will be not to rock the boat at this crucial stage; not to split the vote; to trust the “credible” party to deliver what we voted for.

Let’s examine the record of these so-called “credible” politicians. For a start, they put so much pressure on for a Remain win that they seriously skewed the result. Imagine how high the Leave vote would have been if Cameron had got behind the Leave campaign, as he promised he would do if he didn’t get a sensible offer from the EU. Instead, they used taxpayers money to blatantly try to scare us. They bombarded us with threats and told us the UK wasn’t good enough to stand on its own. These “credible” politicians weren’t even prepared for a Leave vote. I won’t even go into the nine months of delays, lost opportunities, and what a gift that was for Remainers.

Now imagine that UKIP had a sizable influence. Hard to imagine, isn’t it? But can you imagine it taking 9 months to even get started? Can you imagine us still spending billions on questionable foreign aid? Can you imagine our response to terror being… well, nothing? Can you imagine us chomping at the bit to go to war with basically anyone who’ll put up a fight? As I write this I’m struck by just how familiar all of these things are – these are all the things we’ve had for the last 100 years. Be it Labour or Conservative, these are the things we have had all that time. Labour might be more stupid, but they’re basically the same. Under Labour and Tories alike, big business has become more and more powerful and Cultural Marxism has gone from strength to strength in our schools, universities and media.

The Conservatives are socialists. There is nothing conservative about them. They have NEVER condemned socialism. They have NEVER addressed the abuse of benefits or the NHS. The so-called “bedroom tax” is probably their best achievement, and that was a PR disaster. At least communists are honest about their intentions. Conservatives are just sly and deceptive. We need a party that slates socialism, not one that panders to it.

The Tories take pride in appealing to the middle. The middle suits noone; the middle creeps backwards; the middle stays the same. The middle is a point between opposite ends of a spectrum. It is not a destination.

Even a few seats in government would give UKIP a voice and send a strong message to the Tories. Now is not the time to take the pressure off; now is the time to put more pressure on. Yes, UKIP is a mess. But it has the right policies to turn things around. UKIP has dozens of truly credible candidates who talk sense and, most importantly, can hold their own in a debate with a communist. Who leads it is irrelevant. UKIP stands for what it believes in. It’s time voters also stood for what they believe in. If you want a repeat of the last 100 years, vote Conservative, otherwise, get an opinion and stand by it. Are you voting for policies or for compromise?

If you’re a Lib Dem voter then there’s no help for you. But if you’re a serious Brexiteer, I urge you to vote for what you want, not for compromise. 5 Years is a long time to compromise. You didn’t vote for compromise when you voted to leave. Why should you do that now? Would you urge French voters to vote for Le Pen, or Macron? Why do you want less for your own country? Do you want a party that is trying to change direction from that which you didn’t want, just to get your vote, or one that has always believed in what you want? Theresa May has never even mentioned a reason for leaving. Not once has she voiced an opinion on the pitfalls of mass migration. Not once has she said that the EU is a dictatorship. She’s only doing this because democracy obliges her to pay lip service to it. Her mantra is “Brexit means Brexit”. That says all you need to know.

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Democracy at last! Oh wait…

Today the Illiberal Undemocrats won a by-election in an overwhelmingly Remain area. And so they should. Well done to them, this must surely be democracy at work. But are they going to accept this victory?

When ordinary people demonstrate legitimate concerns about the way their lives are being affected, it is the job of democracy to provide a solution. Yet when this natural phenomenon took place on 23rd June, the Illiberal Undemocrats decided it was their duty to do everything in their power to override it by starting all manner of “legal” challenges. But they didn’t stop there; they also hijacked a local election on this premise, using democracy as their weapon.

Their argument was nothing to do with local issues, of which there are several pertinent varieties. No, their argument was the unashamed undermining of the national consensus. Their entire campaign, virulently supported by the most undemocratic, vile celebrity, bore all the hallmarks of a “populist” approach and none of the virtues of democracy. If there’s any such thing as populism, surely this is it.

By inferring that Leave voters are racist and reserving democracy only for when they win, the Illiberal UNdemocrats have actually become their imaginary nightmare.

Doubtless they will claim this as a victory for democracy, but what it really is, is the shameless abuse of millions of fed up voters. They must be very proud of themselves – everything is going according to plan.

Until next time, remember this folks: it’s only democracy when Lib Dems win.

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Our Leadership is Incompatible with Democracy

The hypocrisy coming from the EU at the moment is unprecedented in western democracy. A country that liberated them twice has made the decision to go on its own, not through malice or violence but because, after careful consideration, the majority of its people felt they were getting a raw deal. So what is the EU doing now? They are telling other countries not to have referendums! What democracy does that!

Their tactic, quite openly, is to punish us. Only weeks ago, they signed a trade deal with Canada that allows exactly what we seek to do – to trade freely without surrendering our sovereignty. We already comply with their stupid regulations; we just don’t want 95% of companies to have to adhere to them when they don’t even deal with the EU. Yet we are the demons because we want to be able to make the most fundamental of decisions for ourselves.

Brussels’ reaction should come as no surprise, but we expect better of our own politicians than to try every trick in the book to override a democratic mandate.

We did not sign up to have our sovereignty taken away. We weren’t even asked. I challenge anyone who thinks it is the right of politicians to give away a people’s sovereignty; it’s not theirs to give away, yet that’s exactly what happened. And the same people who gave it away are now quite brazenly trying to push the same agenda, after we were finally asked, and despite the fact we actually said NO.

Politicians have taken Vote Leave’s ridiculous immigration argument and made it into some kind of racist plot. Immigration is a sovereignty issue. The fact is we wouldn’t be leaving if the right to decide immigration policy ourselves had not been signed away. But immigration is just one example of our trampled sovereignty.

Sneer all you like, assign all the over-used labels you like to me, just don’t discredit democracy because you didn’t win. Yes, Hitler was popularly elected. So was Churchill, who ran that son-of-a-bitch to his cowardly end. So was Mugabe, nine times in the last 37 years! We don’t hear you going on about him, because he’s a Marxist. Your hero Castro didn’t even bother with democracy. Anyone who thinks that politicians know better than the bulk of the population need look no further. When you attack democracy by silencing people and running rough-shod over dissent like these tyrants did, you open up the world to more Hitlers, Mugabes and Castros.

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Pesky democracy!

I’m a lot wiser than I was six months ago. I’m now absolutely convinced that democracy is nothing but a nuisance to most politicians. Today, two of the people responsible for handing over our sovereignty thought it perfectly reasonable to have a go at keeping it out of our hands for good, DESPITE clear instructions from voters to the contrary. Tony Blair and John Major, who both denied us a referendum, now think it’s a good idea to have a second referendum. Mr Blair admits that he won’t return to front line politics because there’s too much “hostility” toward him, yet thinks that we will welcome his interference. Mr Major went as far as to call the referendum “tyranny of the majority”. Clearly, neither has the faintest idea what democracy is.

That politicians resort to this sort of jiggery-pokery is unsurprising, but the same righteous indignation extends to a large proportion of the public. Today I was within earshot of three people enthusing about the prospects of putting a hit out on Trump and Farage.

I have to say that the ONLY people I’ve ever heard talking about killing people, in jest or not, are so-called “Liberals”. So high on their horse are they about racism, hate and injustice, that they become their imaginary nightmare. I’m quite sure they don’t recognise it, nor would they if challenged. Just “locker room” banter, perhaps? No, it’s plain disgusting, hypocritical, and undemocratic. Maybe it’s not so surprising, given the politicians they grew up with.

Hypocrisy is a recurring theme in brexit. At first I couldn’t understand it. I found it infuriating when, time and time again, politicians applied one set of values to others and another to themselves. Labour policy on grammar schools doesn’t gel with their own lives; MPs “champion” democracy only when they win; non-whites can’t be racist; terrorists are “mentally ill”, except when they are right wing – then they’re terrorists. Examples come thick and fast every day. Watch out for them; most of the time we write them off to stupidity. I’ve come to believe they are no coincidence.

It’s no secret that I think socialism is insidious; it’s basically Marxism tempered by democracy. But the more I look into it, the more I see that the hypocrisy we see now is the result of decades of behind-the-scenes scheming. If, like I was, you’re not aware of Cultural Marxism (aka political correctness), take the time to read up on it.

Basically, the duty of Cultural Marxists is to destroy majorities by labelling people under different categories and then setting them against themselves. The hope is that people will become so distressed and confused that they look to the state for guidance. Voila! No pesky democracy.

It’s not those everyday people at work who are actively pursuing this angle. No, they’re the result of it. They already regard with suspicion anyone of whom the state disapproves. The state doesn’t like people who disagree – they’re dangerous, racist, far right. Illegal immigrants however, are good. The fact that they are illegal, many are criminals, if not potential terrorists, none have been checked, and they can  get free accommodation and health care from day one is irrelevant. It doesn’t fit with the narrative. “Illegal” is conveniently dropped from the term and “racist” is applied to dissenters. But it’s impossible for illegal immigrants to be racist or dangerous.

What’s more, we hear what’s right from “experts” every day. What to say, who to hate, what to eat. On it goes.

The whole aim is to create dissent and fear, not to be equitable or sensible – that would unify people. When one label loses its lustre, a new one comes out. You’ll notice labels changing more and more frequently. And it’s not just to do with race. CM encompasses everything from cyclist rage to global warming.

So here we are! Vast portions of the population, mostly university educated, are accepting that the government knows better than mere mortals. One man even said as much to me one day when I was protesting. He actually believed that the wisdon of 650 MPs is superior to the collective wisdom of 34 million people.

Politicians are not trying to reverse democracy  because they know better than us. They’re doing it because we nearly ruined their plan. They can’t be allowed to succeed.

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Thank the Left Wing for Getting us Here

You never hear the government or the press complain about the left wing. It’s as if there isn’t one. But there’s definitely a violent, evil right wing. The simple reason is that the government and the media ARE the left wing.

It’s natural to want to claim the centre ground. Even staunch left wing activists like to think of themselves as the centre because it lends authenticity to their cause. They cannot enforce their will if they’re on the fringes. But if they can put the centre on the fringe, then they can do as they like. That’s just what they’re trying to do with the referendum. 80% of MPs are pro-remain, as are 95% of the media. However the public is much more evenly split, with a significant lean toward Leave. There is great disparity between government and people.

But that’s not a problem for them; they have the media on their side. It’s easier to portray the people as crazy in order to perpetuate their ideology. The problem is that their ideology, socialism, is not the ideology of the people.

Socialism is a self-defeating ideology. It seeks to make all people the same (apart of course, from the ruling elite); whereas actual people seek to better themselves. This notion appeals to those in society who would benefit from upliftment in the short term, but demoralises those who bear the brunt of that upliftment. Strivers cease to strive; entitlement becomes the norm. Eventually everything grinds to a halt. Venezuela is just the latest example.

Similarly, Britain’s own demise was not the result of two World Wars; it plainly coincides with the rise of socialism. A country which led the world in science and engineering now boasts few inventions, battles to find nurses and doctors, and spends all of its efforts trying to raise a class that won’t be motivated to work.

Like communism, socialism is a wonderful idea, but it doesn’t take into account the true nature of mankind. We are opportunists. Leaders, given the power, will abuse it. Loafers, given the chance, will loaf. Strivers, given the opportunity, will seize it. It needs sensible checks and balances, not wholesale abuse.

A free health system and unemployment safety net are among the best ideals to come out of Britain, but they have been allowed to be abused in the pursuit of votes. Whole generations have been allowed to live off the state. Elderly patients crowd hospitals because their offspring truly believe it is the duty of the state to care for them while they go on holiday. Sick leave is taken in full, and it cannot be challenged. We are told what to think, what is right, what is wrong. Right and wrong are determined by the population, not politicians. Politicians have taken over from religion in this regard.  

Ideologies appeal to people’s sense of decency. They play on our guilt in order to control us. Far from its well-meaning exterior, socialism has become insidious, controlling and self destructive. It has a deep seated inferiority complex that would sooner see our society perish than admit its failings. “Caring” socialists don’t actually care about the people; they think we’re stupid and they hate us. This government is not the centre, even the Conservatives are only 30% Conservative. The referendum has exposed them and they don’t like it. 

Socialists are not interested in workers’rights. What more workers’ rights do you need? The right not to work? They’re interested in non-workers’ rights! It’s the workers who go to work every day that run this country, so some people can stay at home and moan for more. MPs should move to Slough and battle to pay for a one bedroomed flat next door to a free 5-bedroomed house with a garden and a kid that jumps up and down on his trampoline insulting you. Then they’d think more carefully about it.  

The fact is, people run the Earth, not politicians. No amount of  ideological preaching has ever changed that. Dictators, even “intelligent” ones, eventually meet a sticky end. A regime that does not listen to its people will eventually fall. It is clear from the referendum result that Britain does not agree with the government or the press. The people are the real centre. Right and left wing are just extremes. The sooner the establishment realise this, the better for all.

The far left is alive and well and running our country. But the pendulum swings from left to right, Conservative to Labour. There was a seismic shift to the left after the war. Now is the time for a seismic shift back to the centre. Let the people get on with it, the government is there to enable us, not to stifle us with “expert” opinion.

It is not the 17 million who are correct. It is the collective wisdom of 33 million people that trumps a handful of experts every time. That is democracy. Left wingers hate it because it reminds them they are not as intelligent as they think. By telling us we are not fit to decide our own future they’ve maligned not just 17m Leave voters, but 16m Remain voters too. We have them to thank for opening our eyes.

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Remainers cannot win the Brexit Argument

Remainers are all full of arguments about what could have been and how the Leave campaign lied about everything. Straight up calling something a lie is the preserve of habitual liars, but that doesn’t mean their lies aren’t damaging.

Take the “biggie” for example. I shouldn’t have to justify this but it is a fact that more than £35m goes to the EU every week. We get some of that back. We could spend that money on whatever we like. With me so far?  I make no secret of the fact that the Leave campaign was a shambles and continues to be a shambles. Anyway, they chose to say we could spend that money on the NHS. Well now, thank goodness because the NHS is a bottomless pit, it looks like we won’t spend all of that money on the NHS. So what! We can spend all of that money, including that which was previously spent for us,  on ANYTHING WE LIKE.

Yet remainers get all shirty about it and the overall effect is that they think the argument means nothing at all. We’ll no actually. The fact is we get that money back. It’s a GOOD thing. Stop hijacking good things. End of argument thank-you.

Although it is unforgivable to hand this money over to an unelected, unaccountable dictatorship, this was never about money. Nor was it about immigration, although a country that cannot decide is own immigration policies is not a country. It was about our democracy. You cannot give your sovereignty away and still call yourself a democracy. End of argument thank-you.

Thirdly, shouting racism every time you don’t agree with something is not an argument. It’s a cop out. It’s like saying “you didn’t let me play with your toy”  so I won’t be your friend”. It gives you a sense of righteousness but does not make you right. End of argument thank-you.

But the worst lie of all is the Remain interpretation of democracy. Democracy is the embodiment of the wisdom of the masses, not the stupidity of people. This is the most dangerous lie of all because begins a narrative that spells the end of democracy altogether. Noone in their right mind would go down this route. End of argument thank-you.

Remainers say that Leave voters voted with their hearts, not their heads. I for one, voted with my head. Looking at the March for Europe, it is plain to see that they are the ones who voted with their hearts. They are the ones who voted for nostalgia, to maintain a bygone era that will never return, not us.

You cannot argue these points. So remainers, instead of jumping to airy fairy conclusions, take a long hard look at the facts and think about those grandchildren you keep going on about. There will be a price but it is a price worth paying. We wouldn’t have to pay it if successive governments had not given our sovereignty away without asking us, like you are urging them to do.


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Brexit? What Brexit?

I worry that the Telegraph’s Juliet Samuel’s view on exiting the EU is the product of the relatively moderate environment in which she works at the Telegraph. It smacks of standing around the water cooler and cooing, “That Brexit vote, eh. What’re they like?”. From where I stand, there is no sign of Brexit at all, just a series of mounting delays and excuses. Far from leaving the EU “like a bat out of hell”, we’re not going anywhere. There is not even a proposed timetable at this stage, only rumours about triggering later and later.

Yes! We are worried about Brexit being stolen from us. Looking at the mainstream media since the referendum you would think that some evil shadow had descended upon the nation, some festering abscess that must be excised from the populace. There is no celebration of the triumph for democracy, no optimism for the future we resoundingly demanded, no lambasting of fear mongers whose threats have proven unfounded, and no mention of anyone who felt bullied into voting Remain. Only a parade of daytime pub customers who aren’t articulate enough to express why they voted Leave. In any real democracy the media would get onside with the majority. Not this one, no they have their own agenda which is propped up by the government. Long after the campaign, the media are still trying to break us down in the hopes that we “regret” our vote. The view that Brexiteers are uneducated, misguided peasants is promoted far above the simple truth that we are the people and we voted to leave. What’s democratic about that? No, democracy is now “popularism”. The longer this goes on unchecked, the more the prospect of Brexit diminishes.

This jiggery-pokery only plays into the hands of a government that is, don’t forget, still overwhelmingly pro-remain. A pro-remain stance is fundamentally anti-democratic; you cannot argue this. I have absolutely zero confidence in Theresa May’s claim that “Brexit means Brexit”. The term itself is deliberately coined to confuse the issue. The correct phrase is “Leave means Leave!” There’s no confusion about that. Leave the undemocratic EU and its stupid policies. Leave the economic union. Leave free movement of people. Leave the democratic injustices of past UK governments behind. The referendum did not ask us, “Brexit the EU or Don’t Brexit the EU?”, it asked, “Leave the EU or Remain in the EU?”

We cannot judge May while she is endlessly delaying proceedings. We can only judge her by her actions, and her actions thus far are deliberate tactics to water down the will of the people. This is the same pro-EU government that promised us an “In/Out” referendum and to “act on the will of the people”. Nothing has changed except a few cabinet shuffles. They didn’t give a damn about democracy during the campaign and they sure as hell don’t give a damn now. And they’re running the show! They are the same people who tried to threaten us into remaining and I still don’t trust them. What value is a promise from a government that has repeatedly shown its disdain for democracy?

These MPs are the culmination of decades of pulling the wool over our eyes. Their predecessors didn’t ask us if we wanted to give away our democracy in return for trade because they knew we would say no. We haven’t been able to hold them to account for decades and they’re not about to let us do that now. You only have to look at their refusal to entertain First Past the Post. Why can’t WE decide? Because we will make the wrong decision? If this is the way they think then they should just be honest and stop calling this a democracy.

All this talk about not enough lawyers and not enough consensus is piffle. Lawyers have the rest of their lives to change the laws back, and you only need to turn to the referendum for consensus – that is the only verifiable consensus. Dozens of countries have gained their independence. Did they stop and say “Oooh, I don’t know. We might have to change our laws”? That’s the whole point! This is just deliberate obfuscation.

There is no negotiation required to leave the EU. We only need to ask one question: “What trade tariffs will you charge us? Bearing in mind that we will charge you the same.” Just ask that and walk away. Whatever they say, we agree! Charge us 100% and we will charge 100% on your luxury vehicles, we don’t mind. Charge us 0%, 23%, 80%, we don’t care. We care about democracy and trading freely, not trading democracy for business. When did the castration of democracy become a prerequisite for trade? We waited 40 years for a UK government to give us the chance to leave the EU and only by a stroke of incredible cockiness did we get it. We will never get that chance again, and now it looks increasingly like we will not get the chance to see it through untainted.

Despite this, Juliet raises the prospect of phasing out freedom of movement gradually, and treating EU citizens more favourably. For heaven’s sake, why! What is your rationale! What is so difficult to understand about a vote to leave? You may not agree with it, and you might think that money is more important than democracy, but there is nothing confusing about the meaning of the referendum result.

The referendum question was very clear and so was the answer. There is nothing negotiable about what we voted for, and we want it now.


17.4 million people.

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