The Slow Death of the United Kingdom

When socialism took off after the war, Conservatives must have been completely taken by surprise. You simply can’t argue about a fair, benevolent society where everyone has a safety net. Rightly, they came to accept this premise and gave up fighting it. And they haven’t fought it since.

But over the decades, as is common in socialism, people began to expect more and more. Politicians, ever eager for a quick vote, offered more and more.

Now our benefits system is much more than a safety net. Now you can have a house for life, even when you outgrow it. Now you can live on benefits for your entire life and just blame the government for the fact that you don’t have a job. Now you can demand compensation for anything you deem to put you at a disadvantage, and noone can argue because it is your God given right. You can even demand that the state pay for drastic surgery to make you feel better about yourself. On and on it goes.

And why are we here? Because Conservatives fell into the same trap. They try now and then but it’s not very popular, so they compound the issue by adding more. In fact they’ve become socialists. There is no difference between them and the trots. 

But there’s a nastier side. With socialism has come a judgemental attitude to any criticism. It’s this more than anything that has cemented it into the status quo. Political correctness has always been a part of socialism. In fact let’s not be so polite as to call it socialism. Socialism is just Marxism tempered by democracy, and it in return has tempered democracy.

We now find ourselves in a position where there is no way out of socialism. The only thing left is to rid it of democracy altogether and turn it into a dictatorship so that we go the way of dozens of Marxist states before us – complete failure. 

Socialism has coincided with the rise in the paternal state. People have become more and more reliant as the state interferes more and more. Ironically it is a parent that we need, but one that encourages us to grow, not one that encourages us to sponge. Someone needs to do what Conservatives should have done decades ago, to expose the hypocrisy and get us back on track. We are not children who need to be looked after, we are adults who need an equal chance and a safety net to fall back on.

All this in the name of equality? This is isn’t equality. This is spongers out to get more, and politicians eager to please them. Even UKIP. People talk of  the “far right” but there isn’t even a right anymore.

We already know that politicians think we’re stupid but people are much more savvy than that. We are grown up; we can take the truth. Common sense abounds on social media. People are deserting Labour in droves despite their promises, but the Conservatives continue to offer socialism. When will someone have the guts to be the real parent?

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