Vote Tory at Your Peril

There’s been a lot of bad stuff going around about France on social media – how they’ve let themselves down; they’re cowards, fools. Unless you’re prepared to vote UKIP then you really should reconsider your position, because we’re on the same road here.

  • Just 9 months ago these same Conservative MPs were treating us just like Macron is treating the French.
  • Mrs May never had any intention of meeting Le Pen, but didn’t hesitate to meet Macron, who promptly insulted us for voting for Brexit.
  • Every day we see troubling signs of backsliding.

I don’t have to say that the Tories have a terrible track record in delivering promises. But the most troubling trend is their readiness to take complete credit for “Brexit means Brexit” as they call it, whatever that is. Every day now, they crow about how nasty UKIP is, how it’s a spent force, how Conservative voters have “come home”, and how, despite everyone saying they were split, they’ve actually single-handedly managed to bring the whole country together. It wouldn’t look out of place in a grand socialist narrative.

On the contrary, they never stood up to socialism in 40 years, which is why we are in this mess. They have never seriously mooted leaving the EU, in fact Tories gave away just as many powers to the EU as Labour. They are still split, and they are set to become even more divided as they continue to recruit more Remainers, not more Leavers. Suddenly we must be thankful for them and bow to their majesty? I don’t think so. I haven’t received my government leaflet on how great hard Brexit will be, have you?

The truth is that the EU wouldn’t even be on the table if it wasn’t for UKIP, and we certainly won’t get proper Brexit from them. They already have a mandate for Brexit but now they seek another one. Then, when we fall for their blackmail, swallowing our pride to vote for them, they turn on us and STILL tell us we are stupid, racist and misled.

Under FPTP, even with 4 million votes we only got one seat, but we changed the course of this country. The Tories with their majority didn’t do that, we did. They’ll have an even bigger majority this time without our votes. They don’t even want our votes!

If you are angry with France, ask yourself where that anger comes from. It comes from the same people to whom we are about to give carte blanche for Brexit; the same people who bullied us 9 months ago. I suggest you turn your anger against them, or you are no better than the French.




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The Trouble With First Past the Post

The Trouble With First Past the Post (FPTP) is that it isn’t democracy.

Who in their right mind decided that , in most constituencies, the majority of votes should not count? And who then decided it was wise to take all of these skewed results and form one big, skewed government out of them? What is democratic about ignoring most people’s votes? It’s just not democracy, however you look at it. One seat for 4 million votes is a travesty, as is one seat for a few thousand votes in the case of the SNP. Fair’s fair. FPTP is a democratic crime.

First Past the Post

Over the years we have been sold a bad batch of “democracy”. Our brave soldiers fought for “democracy”; Prime Ministers defended our proud “democracy”. We’ve killed off populations in far off lands that they might too experience our “democracy”. Politicians stood by the Cenotaph silently thanking dead soldiers for our “democracy”. Actually, this isn’t democracy’s arse. This is the same system that easily enabled successive governments to give our sovereignty away to a dictatorship, and along with it our “democracy”. Who voted for that? Noone! The biggest deception in our history happened under FPTP without anyone voting for it. And we call ourselves the mother of modern democracy.

Constituency Link

Perhaps FPTP’s only positive argument is that of the constituency link. The argument goes that voters would lose an intimate link with their local MP if we didn’t have FPTP. So damned what!  The constituency link benefit is a myth.

Firstly, MPs cannot represent the interests of all of their constituents unless they obtain 100% of the vote, which is unprecedented. The assumption that there is some divine relationship here is just ludicrous. Your MP will not side with you if they do not share your values  – end of story. Ask me – I’ve tried numerous times.

Secondly and most importantly, if your party doesn’t win in that constituency, your vote is gone forever . Poof!

That’s why we have local councillors to represent our local interests. Admittedly, they do not have the ear of national government. But that’s where the House of Lords comes in. Get rid of it, and replace it with locally elected representatives in each constituency. These could be business leaders, religious leaders or respected community members – even disenfranchised lords if they fancy their chances in the real world. They should all run as independents and not be affiliated with any party. That way we would have to read about them instead of just voting for their party. Constituency holy grail problem and HoL problem solved in one.


FPTP is said to bring stability and to prevent lurches in political direction. Why would you want to prevent that? It’s exactly what we needed after Tony Blair ran amok in the Middle East.

Two party system

There is nothing good about a two party system. For decades, two parties have each sucked their thumbs to come up with a manifesto and we have chosen from the lesser of two evils. These parties cannot possibly know what we actually want. We hardly ever have referendums, so how can they know? Must be that mysterious constituency link that keeps them so well-informed.

Safe Seats

Safe seats are a curse. More than half of parliamentary seats are “safe”. That means that a good proportion of votes in those constituencies perpetually count for nothing. It makes MPs apathetic. My safe Tory MP has been in that seat for 20 years! Noone is that popular. Only Mugabe has been elected more times than that. Our MP doesn’t even bother to campaign unless it’s in other, less-certain constituencies. Non Tories stopped bothering to vote decades ago. To top it all he’s a remainer, who begrudgingly agreed to vote for Article 50, only because he’d have to get off his arse and campaign otherwise. But the real tragedy is that not even 17.4 million voters could not get rid of him.

Deadlock Prevention

It’s said that FPTP keeps the government ticking over and prevents deadlocks. This is hokum. There is only a deadlock if every party votes against every other party in equal proportions. That never happens and even if it did, that would actually necessitate inaction. Deadlock is certainly no reason to steamroller ahead. But even under FPTP in majority governments, parties side with others on certain issues. If they represent their voters, they represent the will of the people.

In PR there is almost always a winner, even if it is by a small margin. This is not sufficient under FPTP because there is this wrangling by losers because they know they are not represented accurately. But people will respect democracy more if they are represented fairly. Currently we don’t respect democracy because we don’t have democracy. When people are represented fairly, you cannot argue about accurate democratic mandates. The public will soon see through Lib Dem claims of otherwise.

Proportional Representation

Proportional Representation (PR), on the other hand, is the very definition of democracy – the decisions  of the whole being undertaken by the majority. I am a firm believer in the wisdom of the masses. I don’t care what you say, 35 million people are infinitely more wise than 650 MPs, a bunch of unscrupulous lords and a handful of narcissistic academics. To say otherwise is tantamount to the arguments men had against women getting the vote. You can’t determine what that collective wisdom is if you don’t calibrate it accurately.

Perverted Versions

In my view, every version other than true PR is perverted, by virtue of the fact that they are all attempts to skew public opinion. As stated earlier, the coveted constituency link need not pose a problem. AV is nothing more than an attempt to steal votes from people that didn’t win.

Successful Versions

The EU referendum – classic unadulterated PR. It gave us a clear decision on Brexit when FPTP was leading us up the garden path. It even gave us an indication of how clear we are on it – not unanimous, but much more in favour than we thought. We asked the question and we got an answer. Imagine if elections were that simple. We would never had gotten into that dastardly political union if we weren’t faced with a choice of “In” or “In” all these years.

The Netherlands – Some say it’s cumbersome and ineffective, but proponents of two-party systems would say that. The fact is that when public opinion swayed, so did represented opinion. That is what democracy is supposed to do. And it will continue to sway as long as public opinion is ignored. This is the problem, politicians no longer care about public opinion. It should be their raison d’etre. We need to remind them it is their raison d’etre.

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The Conservatives’ Failure to Hold the Left to Account

The left wing reigns supreme in our media, universities, schools and institutions because the Conservatives have never held them to account. Why? Because the Conservatives aren’t even conservative; they’re socialist, have been for decades. They’re all into their Scrutons, their Thatchers and their Churchills, but the Tory party as it exists today  espouses none of these values. Small government, low taxes and the defence of law and order no longer play a part in their thought processes. If there is any awakening, it’s because actual right wing parties have demanded it.

We have a Tory government right now. Let’s take a look at what’s happening under it:

  1. Demonisation of the right wing and celebration of the left
    • Refusal to meet with Le Pen but welcoming Macron, who stopped by only to insult us.
    • Refusal to meet with Trump before the US election – yes, the same PM.
    • Constant smearing of UKIP despite the fact that there would be no Brexit without it. Tories who want to maintain their culture aren’t racist, but UKIP supports are.
  2. Unfair sentencing
    • Bacon-baiting vs baby-spitting
    • Banning obscure right-wing parties whilst left wing activists cause actual damage and harm.
    • Claiming a rise in right-wing hate crime when the left is dripping in hate.
    • Imprisoning people who fought against ISIS but not those who fought with them.
    • Letting people off because they “don’t know any better”, or “others rely on them” – since when is that Conservative?
  1. Increased state intervention
    • Attempts to engineer a society with grand social experiments – apparently that’s  the new “meritocracy”.
    • Still about importing skills rather than training locals.
    • Unprecedented snooping.
  1. Electoral shenanigans
    • I mean wholesale, widespread fraud. The only way they could limit the damage to a fine was to hold another election.
    • Deals to limit UKIP candidates but no reciprocation, only smearing.
    • Unexplained nomination of remain candidates at the exclusion of respected Brexiteers.
  1. Compromising Brexit
    • I’ve discussed at length in previous postings. “Brexit means Brexit” – what is that?
  1. Untold wastage in NHS and other government organisations
    • Legions of “Diversity” champions earning more than nurses.
    • Unchallenged work practices – rampant sick leave abuse and so on.
    • Run like a socialist entity, not a business.
  1. Ever more layers of government
    • Mayors are the new small government, er… in addition to the existing big government.

You can’t champion conservative values from the centre-left; you have to champion them from a conservative standpoint. The centre is the result of interaction between left and right, not left and centre. Tories never challenge injustices for fear of falling foul of the left. They’ll champion so-called “social” justice, but not abstract justice (right and wrong). This is what FPTP does; it props up the status quo and prevents society from steering in the direction it wants. People of all persuasions are outraged at what is going on. When you point out the hypocrisy and madness of the left and stand up for real justice, people will follow you. If only the Tories had the courage of their supposed convictions.

Some Tories, after urging us to vote for them if we want Brexit (ie. blackmailing us), are now celebrating the “collapse” of UKIP and the folly of all those old “Tory voters-at-heart”. Not, “Thank you for your support, and for getting us a referendum,” but “Fuck off now that we’ve got your vote!”. This, before the actual general election. How daring.

If the Tories now represent the new right-wing boundary, God help us!

Of course a left wing party pretending to be the new right wing boundary is not nearly representative of society. The buzz on social media is already centring around anti-Muslim rhetoric. Hard-core right wing supporters are saying that the reason UKIP failed is that it’s not anti-Muslim enough. This is what you get when you trivialise half of the democratic spectrum. The Tories haven’t caused the collapse of UKIP; they driven it further to the right.

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21 things you will NEVER get from the Conservatives

  1. Responsible Foreign Aid
    There is no shortage of stories about this. Only a madman would pursue this policy. It smacks of Mandelson and his search parties.
  2. Fishing waters back
    What fishing waters? This is not even on the agenda.
  3. Secure Borders
    There is no talk of increasing border security. We need more sea patrols, comprehensive vetting, and swift return of illegal immigrants. Residents of France are not refugees.
  4. Sustainable Immigration Levels
    The Tory track record is abysmal. Immigration figures match pledges inversely. They have again promised to cut levels to tens of thousands, but they’ve said that before. There is no talk of policy on refugees, or even how a refugee is defined. We need a skills-based system that works the same for immigrants from all countries.
  5. A culture of training our own
    If businesses really want to portray so-called “Corporate Social Responsibility”, they need to start in their own back yard by training local people to do the jobs they currently fill with immigrants. Government should fund university courses for subjects that are critically needed, and there should be a sustained drive to encourage vocational training.
  6. Freedom to choose a school
    Tories will water down their plans and back-peddle to appease their non-existent opposition, because they are socialists at heart.
  7. An infrastructure that copes
    Our roads are worse than a third world country. Roads, hospitals, schools and other facilities are bursting at the seams. This isn’t even on the Tory radar. When we curb the influx of immigrants and train the people that already live here, the infrastructure can grow organically. But we still need stringent, enforced infrastructure guidelines – for example, it should be the law that when you build so many thousands of homes in a town, you must add so many lanes to every arterial road, so many hospitals, land fills, schools, police officers and so on, or you just can’t build those houses.
  8. Low taxes
    They’re trying to say they’re not going to increase taxes but how else are they going to pay for Theresa’s vast social experiment? More debt? Which leads us to…
  9. Responsible fiscal policy
     The deficit has got worse under the Tories, not better. Case closed.
  10. Small government
    Theresa’s social experiment is a million miles away from small government. It’s big-government meddling.
  11. Freedom of speech
    With the Snooper’s charter, Tories are removing freedoms, not adding to them. They will readily ban an “extreme” right-wing party that no one has ever heard of, but not marches by organisations that actually kill people. Suppression of free speech is taking place right now, under this Tory government.
  12. Holding the left to account equally
    Turns out if you put a bacon sandwich on a mosque door, you go to jail and die mysteriously (we still haven’t heard the whole story there), but if you spit in a baby’s face and shout that white babies don’t deserve to exist, you get a suspended sentence. This is happening right now under a Tory government. No condemnation at all. Watch out for an upcoming blog on this.
  13. An end to Female Genital Mutilation
    Tories are more worried about snooping on people than ensuring the safety of children.
  14. Eradication of state-funded propaganda
    These same Tories used our money to pay for remain leaflets, and they’re letting the BBC get away with using our money to tell us we’re stupid.
  15. End jurisdiction of ECHR
    They say we’ll need the European Court of Human Rights for an 2 extra years. Why? It will become 4 extra years and then 10 extra years. Next thing you know it will be permanent. Which leads us to…
  16. Response to terror other than “Carry on”
    The government’s response to the Westminster attack was… Nothing. UKIP would not ban Islam (rightly), but they won’t put up with terror either. There’s no doubt they would deport all on the terror watch list and put in place security provisions and severe punishment equally for left and right wing extremists. No one can argue against this with any true conviction. No one. Yet here we are.
  17. A government with Brexit at its heart
    Tories are backsliders. They are more afraid of the opposition than the people. This is back to front. This election will give more power to their Remain contingent, not their Leave contingent.
  18. House of Lords reform
    Tories will reform only in as much as it benefits them. They have no incentive to do otherwise.
  19. Proportional Representation
    Never in a million years will a Tory government give us this. Four million votes = 1 seat. It’s an absolute travesty. None of that sneaky “but this form of PR has this benefit” shit either! My safe-seat Tory MP has never done a thing for me. Constituencies add nothing to democracy.
  20. Party unity
    Contrary to popular opinion, the Tories are not united, and they certainly aren’t united in favour of Brexit – more like the opposite. UKIP, despite its problems, is united on all of these issues.
  21. UK Unity
    You can’t bring the country together when you’re trying to please everyone. Unity is the job of democracy, not the government. It is the result of everyone having a say. A proportionally elected government has gravitas because the majority rules. The majority brings with it consensus, which makes it very difficult to justify going in the other direction. The media uses this trick all the time because there is no real democracy, just a free-for-all.

The Tories will NEVER give you any of these things, but UKIP will give you all of them.   The whole EU “deal” thing implies that there will be some sort of signed agreement or treaty. You know how hard it was to come this far. Can you imagine trying to reverse this “deal”? You can’t afford to wait for the next election to sort it out. In 5 years time they will have embedded themselves, the “UKIP is dead” mantra will have taken its toll, they’ll be back in bed with the EU (who will crack down on any dissent), and you’ll never get them out. Must I tell you to wake up all over again?

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10 Indications That Theresa May Will Deliver Soft Brexit

  1. She’s a Remainer; she has never come out for leave or said that UK made the right choice.
  2. She has done nothing thus far to deliver any Brexit at all. Article 50 was the minimum and that took 9 months.
  3. She has allowed Remoaners ample opportunity to regroup and attack, time and time again.
  4. She is hindering the nominations of brexit stalwarts such as Daniel Hannan and David Bannerman.
  5. The Conservative Party already consists of at least 60% Remain MPs. George Osborne’s first day at the Evening Standard shows that surface complicity is not proof of dedication. There are plenty more snakes in waiting.
  6. She has hinted at extended jurisdiction of the ECHR.
  7. She has never even acknowledged fishing rights.
  8. She chose to meet Macron over Le Pen.
  9. She hasn’t reigned in Soubry and Morgan.
  10. She has  an unblemished record of not delivering on immigration.

She’s using the GE to cover up election fraud, not to get more brexiteers in. A Conservative landslide will dilute Brexiteer influence, not enhance it.

She’s not going to get pushed from inside her party. Anyone who really wanted to deliver Brexit would secretly welcome pressure from UKIP so they could justify it to their opponents both inside and outside the party.

Vote Conservative at your peril.

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Who’s Really to Blame for Soft Brexit?

Such is the nature of national pride that it leads us to overlook things that we would rather not admit to ourselves. For instance, the motives of the EU have been quite clear all along. The EU does what the EU does. Successive UK governments didn’t have to sign up to their sovereignty-stealing treaties; they insisted on doing so without any prompting.

Our governments are the ones who signed up, not the EU. Right up to the current government, UK politicians have a clean record of giving in to the EU. It doesn’t do any good to get angry with the EU; we must get angry with our government. If we don’t, we won’t ever change anything.

And who voted these governments into power? We did. WE are the ones responsible for the mess we find ourselves in.

First Past The Post is a hopeless system whereby parties publish manifestos and then we choose the lesser of the evils. It’s like shouting your vote into the wilderness. Nonetheless, we used this cumbersome system to choose THESE governments. All along we could have chosen a government that would get us out, but we chose these governments.

A Conservative landslide will give us more Conservatives. But more Conservatives doesn’t mean more leavers in parliament, in fact statistically, it means fewer. 

“But UKIP is a shambles!”, you cry.

NO! We have been hung up on leadership for too long now. “Who will lead us!”, we’ve implored. The short answer is – noone. UKIP is not a leader; it’s a voice, a vehicle. At last count, Ukip was 4 million people – a quarter of the leave vote, a voice that terrified the ineffectual tories into offering a referendum, and ultimately thrust it into “championing” a cause it never wanted. The tories are “backing” brexit because of UKIP! Theyre backing it because of you! Or at least they’re saying they’re backing it.

No, UKIP is not a shambles. UKIP is us!

You may moan about this policy or get stroppy about that policy but face it, UKIP IS THE ONLY PARTY THAT WILL GIVE US MOST OF THE THINGS LEAVERS WANT. You may want Muslims thrown out, or Blair thrown in prison, but is that a reason to vote Tory? They won’t do it either. You’re on the very margins of brexit if that’s what you want. 

UKIP has dozens of extremely competent candidates. Let them do their job.

On 8th June, you can use your vote to choose the same again (they are the same, mostly remain,  people) or you can choose the only party that will definitely give you Brexit. UKIP won’t win this election (although there’s no reason they shouldn’t), but they must win seats. If they do not then we have betrayed ourselves again. We’ll only have ourselves to blame. Again! 

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This is our chance!

Our weak Prime Minister, who has a clean record of never standing up for anything she says, has called for an early general election. So she triggered article 50. So what? That’s the very least I expect of a “democratic” government, especially one that promised to honour our decision. And let’s not forget, this is almost exactly the same government that did its utmost to bully us into staying in the EU, then railroaded the opposition candidates and ended up crowning its own Remain candidate to deliver something she never believed in.

Naturally she claims it’s because she needs a mandate to implement Brexit. She already has a mandate for Brexit – she just won’t stand up for it! No surprise there. Nonetheless, this is a golden opportunity to ensure that we reiterate our mandate even more resoundingly. I know that the vast body of Leave opinion will be not to rock the boat at this crucial stage; not to split the vote; to trust the “credible” party to deliver what we voted for.

Let’s examine the record of these so-called “credible” politicians. For a start, they put so much pressure on for a Remain win that they seriously skewed the result. Imagine how high the Leave vote would have been if Cameron had got behind the Leave campaign, as he promised he would do if he didn’t get a sensible offer from the EU. Instead, they used taxpayers money to blatantly try to scare us. They bombarded us with threats and told us the UK wasn’t good enough to stand on its own. These “credible” politicians weren’t even prepared for a Leave vote. I won’t even go into the nine months of delays, lost opportunities, and what a gift that was for Remainers.

Now imagine that UKIP had a sizable influence. Hard to imagine, isn’t it? But can you imagine it taking 9 months to even get started? Can you imagine us still spending billions on questionable foreign aid? Can you imagine our response to terror being… well, nothing? Can you imagine us chomping at the bit to go to war with basically anyone who’ll put up a fight? As I write this I’m struck by just how familiar all of these things are – these are all the things we’ve had for the last 100 years. Be it Labour or Conservative, these are the things we have had all that time. Labour might be more stupid, but they’re basically the same. Under Labour and Tories alike, big business has become more and more powerful and Cultural Marxism has gone from strength to strength in our schools, universities and media.

The Conservatives are socialists. There is nothing conservative about them. They have NEVER condemned socialism. They have NEVER addressed the abuse of benefits or the NHS. The so-called “bedroom tax” is probably their best achievement, and that was a PR disaster. At least communists are honest about their intentions. Conservatives are just sly and deceptive. We need a party that slates socialism, not one that panders to it.

The Tories take pride in appealing to the middle. The middle suits noone; the middle creeps backwards; the middle stays the same. The middle is a point between opposite ends of a spectrum. It is not a destination.

Even a few seats in government would give UKIP a voice and send a strong message to the Tories. Now is not the time to take the pressure off; now is the time to put more pressure on. Yes, UKIP is a mess. But it has the right policies to turn things around. UKIP has dozens of truly credible candidates who talk sense and, most importantly, can hold their own in a debate with a communist. Who leads it is irrelevant. UKIP stands for what it believes in. It’s time voters also stood for what they believe in. If you want a repeat of the last 100 years, vote Conservative, otherwise, get an opinion and stand by it. Are you voting for policies or for compromise?

If you’re a Lib Dem voter then there’s no help for you. But if you’re a serious Brexiteer, I urge you to vote for what you want, not for compromise. 5 Years is a long time to compromise. You didn’t vote for compromise when you voted to leave. Why should you do that now? Would you urge French voters to vote for Le Pen, or Macron? Why do you want less for your own country? Do you want a party that is trying to change direction from that which you didn’t want, just to get your vote, or one that has always believed in what you want? Theresa May has never even mentioned a reason for leaving. Not once has she voiced an opinion on the pitfalls of mass migration. Not once has she said that the EU is a dictatorship. She’s only doing this because democracy obliges her to pay lip service to it. Her mantra is “Brexit means Brexit”. That says all you need to know.

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Democracy at last! Oh wait…

Today the Illiberal Undemocrats won a by-election in an overwhelmingly Remain area. And so they should. Well done to them, this must surely be democracy at work. But are they going to accept this victory?

When ordinary people demonstrate legitimate concerns about the way their lives are being affected, it is the job of democracy to provide a solution. Yet when this natural phenomenon took place on 23rd June, the Illiberal Undemocrats decided it was their duty to do everything in their power to override it by starting all manner of “legal” challenges. But they didn’t stop there; they also hijacked a local election on this premise, using democracy as their weapon.

Their argument was nothing to do with local issues, of which there are several pertinent varieties. No, their argument was the unashamed undermining of the national consensus. Their entire campaign, virulently supported by the most undemocratic, vile celebrity, bore all the hallmarks of a “populist” approach and none of the virtues of democracy. If there’s any such thing as populism, surely this is it.

By inferring that Leave voters are racist and reserving democracy only for when they win, the Illiberal UNdemocrats have actually become their imaginary nightmare.

Doubtless they will claim this as a victory for democracy, but what it really is, is the shameless abuse of millions of fed up voters. They must be very proud of themselves – everything is going according to plan.

Until next time, remember this folks: it’s only democracy when Lib Dems win.

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Our Leadership is Incompatible with Democracy

The hypocrisy coming from the EU at the moment is unprecedented in western democracy. A country that liberated them twice has made the decision to go on its own, not through malice or violence but because, after careful consideration, the majority of its people felt they were getting a raw deal. So what is the EU doing now? They are telling other countries not to have referendums! What democracy does that!

Their tactic, quite openly, is to punish us. Only weeks ago, they signed a trade deal with Canada that allows exactly what we seek to do – to trade freely without surrendering our sovereignty. We already comply with their stupid regulations; we just don’t want 95% of companies to have to adhere to them when they don’t even deal with the EU. Yet we are the demons because we want to be able to make the most fundamental of decisions for ourselves.

Brussels’ reaction should come as no surprise, but we expect better of our own politicians than to try every trick in the book to override a democratic mandate.

We did not sign up to have our sovereignty taken away. We weren’t even asked. I challenge anyone who thinks it is the right of politicians to give away a people’s sovereignty; it’s not theirs to give away, yet that’s exactly what happened. And the same people who gave it away are now quite brazenly trying to push the same agenda, after we were finally asked, and despite the fact we actually said NO.

Politicians have taken Vote Leave’s ridiculous immigration argument and made it into some kind of racist plot. Immigration is a sovereignty issue. The fact is we wouldn’t be leaving if the right to decide immigration policy ourselves had not been signed away. But immigration is just one example of our trampled sovereignty.

Sneer all you like, assign all the over-used labels you like to me, just don’t discredit democracy because you didn’t win. Yes, Hitler was popularly elected. So was Churchill, who ran that son-of-a-bitch to his cowardly end. So was Mugabe, nine times in the last 37 years! We don’t hear you going on about him, because he’s a Marxist. Your hero Castro didn’t even bother with democracy. Anyone who thinks that politicians know better than the bulk of the population need look no further. When you attack democracy by silencing people and running rough-shod over dissent like these tyrants did, you open up the world to more Hitlers, Mugabes and Castros.

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Pesky democracy!

I’m a lot wiser than I was six months ago. I’m now absolutely convinced that democracy is nothing but a nuisance to most politicians. Today, two of the people responsible for handing over our sovereignty thought it perfectly reasonable to have a go at keeping it out of our hands for good, DESPITE clear instructions from voters to the contrary. Tony Blair and John Major, who both denied us a referendum, now think it’s a good idea to have a second referendum. Mr Blair admits that he won’t return to front line politics because there’s too much “hostility” toward him, yet thinks that we will welcome his interference. Mr Major went as far as to call the referendum “tyranny of the majority”. Clearly, neither has the faintest idea what democracy is.

That politicians resort to this sort of jiggery-pokery is unsurprising, but the same righteous indignation extends to a large proportion of the public. Today I was within earshot of three people enthusing about the prospects of putting a hit out on Trump and Farage.

I have to say that the ONLY people I’ve ever heard talking about killing people, in jest or not, are so-called “Liberals”. So high on their horse are they about racism, hate and injustice, that they become their imaginary nightmare. I’m quite sure they don’t recognise it, nor would they if challenged. Just “locker room” banter, perhaps? No, it’s plain disgusting, hypocritical, and undemocratic. Maybe it’s not so surprising, given the politicians they grew up with.

Hypocrisy is a recurring theme in brexit. At first I couldn’t understand it. I found it infuriating when, time and time again, politicians applied one set of values to others and another to themselves. Labour policy on grammar schools doesn’t gel with their own lives; MPs “champion” democracy only when they win; non-whites can’t be racist; terrorists are “mentally ill”, except when they are right wing – then they’re terrorists. Examples come thick and fast every day. Watch out for them; most of the time we write them off to stupidity. I’ve come to believe they are no coincidence.

It’s no secret that I think socialism is insidious; it’s basically Marxism tempered by democracy. But the more I look into it, the more I see that the hypocrisy we see now is the result of decades of behind-the-scenes scheming. If, like I was, you’re not aware of Cultural Marxism (aka political correctness), take the time to read up on it.

Basically, the duty of Cultural Marxists is to destroy majorities by labelling people under different categories and then setting them against themselves. The hope is that people will become so distressed and confused that they look to the state for guidance. Voila! No pesky democracy.

It’s not those everyday people at work who are actively pursuing this angle. No, they’re the result of it. They already regard with suspicion anyone of whom the state disapproves. The state doesn’t like people who disagree – they’re dangerous, racist, far right. Illegal immigrants however, are good. The fact that they are illegal, many are criminals, if not potential terrorists, none have been checked, and they can  get free accommodation and health care from day one is irrelevant. It doesn’t fit with the narrative. “Illegal” is conveniently dropped from the term and “racist” is applied to dissenters. But it’s impossible for illegal immigrants to be racist or dangerous.

What’s more, we hear what’s right from “experts” every day. What to say, who to hate, what to eat. On it goes.

The whole aim is to create dissent and fear, not to be equitable or sensible – that would unify people. When one label loses its lustre, a new one comes out. You’ll notice labels changing more and more frequently. And it’s not just to do with race. CM encompasses everything from cyclist rage to global warming.

So here we are! Vast portions of the population, mostly university educated, are accepting that the government knows better than mere mortals. One man even said as much to me one day when I was protesting. He actually believed that the wisdon of 650 MPs is superior to the collective wisdom of 34 million people.

Politicians are not trying to reverse democracy  because they know better than us. They’re doing it because we nearly ruined their plan. They can’t be allowed to succeed.

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