The Emperor has no Clothes!

Thirty-eight percent of the UK population appears to support a known terrorist associate for Prime Minister. We’ve just been attacked but this does not factor into it.

Democracy  is under attack throughout the western world. The old guard didn’t win so they just ignore the result and press ahead with overturning it.

Terrorism is now a daily occurrence. Our official response is to welcome it. We know who many of these people are, yet we do nothing to get rid of them.

The EU refuses to have a trade agreement with their oldest ally. They would rather punish us, even if it means they suffer more. We only want to leave because they abuse our good will. These, the people who historically have destroyed Europe several times between them.

Moderates take these slings and arrows and politely point them out, only to be met with more. How can we sit and discuss rationally with a terrorist on primetime television without even acknowledging it? Are we mad? This is a pile of shit and we just discuss it like we’re talking about cream cakes. Why do we even entertain it? How did we even get this far?


Someone needs to stand up and say “The emperor has no clothes!” Don’t defend. Don’t discuss. Just attack. This has gone on long enough.

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