The New Leave Bullies

“If you really want Brexit then you’ll vote Conservative”. This is the argument I hear all over Twitter.

Actually, no. If you REALLY wanted Brexit you’d vote for UKIP, the one party whose candidates and members ALL know what Brexit means; NOT the party that had always stood for Remain and is about to get even more remain candidates.

Call it political correctness, tactical voting or whatever, the fact is, leavers are intending to vote for the less certain of the two. I can understand if there is any doubt in your constituency, or if your MP is staunchly remain, but remember this:

It’s a fact that most Tory MPs are remainers, always have been. It’s also evident that new Tory MPs are likely to be more remain than leave.

If your Tory MP is a remainer at heart then you are doing nothing for your cause by voting for them.

Some leavers are arguing intensely that we must vote Tory at all costs, even if your MP is for Remain. They even go to the extent of calling dissenters bigoted and thick! Where have we heard that before? This attitude has nothing to do with Brexit and everything to do with Tory strong-arming. 

That said, the Tories have the numbers whether we like it or not. The only way to get Brexit is to vote for a true brexiteer. If this is a Tory then vote for them. If not, follow your head and your heart. 

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