Vote Tory at Your Peril

There’s been a lot of bad stuff going around about France on social media – how they’ve let themselves down; they’re cowards, fools. Unless you’re prepared to vote UKIP then you really should reconsider your position, because we’re on the same road here.

  • Just 9 months ago these same Conservative MPs were treating us just like Macron is treating the French.
  • Mrs May never had any intention of meeting Le Pen, but didn’t hesitate to meet Macron, who promptly insulted us for voting for Brexit.
  • Every day we see troubling signs of backsliding.

I don’t have to say that the Tories have a terrible track record in delivering promises. But the most troubling trend is their readiness to take complete credit for “Brexit means Brexit” as they call it, whatever that is. Every day now, they crow about how nasty UKIP is, how it’s a spent force, how Conservative voters have “come home”, and how, despite everyone saying they were split, they’ve actually single-handedly managed to bring the whole country together. It wouldn’t look out of place in a grand socialist narrative.

On the contrary, they never stood up to socialism in 40 years, which is why we are in this mess. They have never seriously mooted leaving the EU, in fact Tories gave away just as many powers to the EU as Labour. They are still split, and they are set to become even more divided as they continue to recruit more Remainers, not more Leavers. Suddenly we must be thankful for them and bow to their majesty? I don’t think so. I haven’t received my government leaflet on how great hard Brexit will be, have you?

The truth is that the EU wouldn’t even be on the table if it wasn’t for UKIP, and we certainly won’t get proper Brexit from them. They already have a mandate for Brexit but now they seek another one. Then, when we fall for their blackmail, swallowing our pride to vote for them, they turn on us and STILL tell us we are stupid, racist and misled.

Under FPTP, even with 4 million votes we only got one seat, but we changed the course of this country. The Tories with their majority didn’t do that, we did. They’ll have an even bigger majority this time without our votes. They don’t even want our votes!

If you are angry with France, ask yourself where that anger comes from. It comes from the same people to whom we are about to give carte blanche for Brexit; the same people who bullied us 9 months ago. I suggest you turn your anger against them, or you are no better than the French.




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