The Conservatives’ Failure to Hold the Left to Account

The left wing reigns supreme in our media, universities, schools and institutions because the Conservatives have never held them to account. Why? Because the Conservatives aren’t even conservative; they’re socialist, have been for decades. They’re all into their Scrutons, their Thatchers and their Churchills, but the Tory party as it exists today  espouses none of these values. Small government, low taxes and the defence of law and order no longer play a part in their thought processes. If there is any awakening, it’s because actual right wing parties have demanded it.

We have a Tory government right now. Let’s take a look at what’s happening under it:

  1. Demonisation of the right wing and celebration of the left
    • Refusal to meet with Le Pen but welcoming Macron, who stopped by only to insult us.
    • Refusal to meet with Trump before the US election – yes, the same PM.
    • Constant smearing of UKIP despite the fact that there would be no Brexit without it. Tories who want to maintain their culture aren’t racist, but UKIP supports are.
  2. Unfair sentencing
    • Bacon-baiting vs baby-spitting
    • Banning obscure right-wing parties whilst left wing activists cause actual damage and harm.
    • Claiming a rise in right-wing hate crime when the left is dripping in hate.
    • Imprisoning people who fought against ISIS but not those who fought with them.
    • Letting people off because they “don’t know any better”, or “others rely on them” – since when is that Conservative?
  1. Increased state intervention
    • Attempts to engineer a society with grand social experiments – apparently that’s  the new “meritocracy”.
    • Still about importing skills rather than training locals.
    • Unprecedented snooping.
  1. Electoral shenanigans
    • I mean wholesale, widespread fraud. The only way they could limit the damage to a fine was to hold another election.
    • Deals to limit UKIP candidates but no reciprocation, only smearing.
    • Unexplained nomination of remain candidates at the exclusion of respected Brexiteers.
  1. Compromising Brexit
    • I’ve discussed at length in previous postings. “Brexit means Brexit” – what is that?
  1. Untold wastage in NHS and other government organisations
    • Legions of “Diversity” champions earning more than nurses.
    • Unchallenged work practices – rampant sick leave abuse and so on.
    • Run like a socialist entity, not a business.
  1. Ever more layers of government
    • Mayors are the new small government, er… in addition to the existing big government.

You can’t champion conservative values from the centre-left; you have to champion them from a conservative standpoint. The centre is the result of interaction between left and right, not left and centre. Tories never challenge injustices for fear of falling foul of the left. They’ll champion so-called “social” justice, but not abstract justice (right and wrong). This is what FPTP does; it props up the status quo and prevents society from steering in the direction it wants. People of all persuasions are outraged at what is going on. When you point out the hypocrisy and madness of the left and stand up for real justice, people will follow you. If only the Tories had the courage of their supposed convictions.

Some Tories, after urging us to vote for them if we want Brexit (ie. blackmailing us), are now celebrating the “collapse” of UKIP and the folly of all those old “Tory voters-at-heart”. Not, “Thank you for your support, and for getting us a referendum,” but “Fuck off now that we’ve got your vote!”. This, before the actual general election. How daring.

If the Tories now represent the new right-wing boundary, God help us!

Of course a left wing party pretending to be the new right wing boundary is not nearly representative of society. The buzz on social media is already centring around anti-Muslim rhetoric. Hard-core right wing supporters are saying that the reason UKIP failed is that it’s not anti-Muslim enough. This is what you get when you trivialise half of the democratic spectrum. The Tories haven’t caused the collapse of UKIP; they driven it further to the right.

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