21 things you will NEVER get from the Conservatives

  1. Responsible Foreign Aid
    There is no shortage of stories about this. Only a madman would pursue this policy. It smacks of Mandelson and his search parties.
  2. Fishing waters back
    What fishing waters? This is not even on the agenda.
  3. Secure Borders
    There is no talk of increasing border security. We need more sea patrols, comprehensive vetting, and swift return of illegal immigrants. Residents of France are not refugees.
  4. Sustainable Immigration Levels
    The Tory track record is abysmal. Immigration figures match pledges inversely. They have again promised to cut levels to tens of thousands, but they’ve said that before. There is no talk of policy on refugees, or even how a refugee is defined. We need a skills-based system that works the same for immigrants from all countries.
  5. A culture of training our own
    If businesses really want to portray so-called “Corporate Social Responsibility”, they need to start in their own back yard by training local people to do the jobs they currently fill with immigrants. Government should fund university courses for subjects that are critically needed, and there should be a sustained drive to encourage vocational training.
  6. Freedom to choose a school
    Tories will water down their plans and back-peddle to appease their non-existent opposition, because they are socialists at heart.
  7. An infrastructure that copes
    Our roads are worse than a third world country. Roads, hospitals, schools and other facilities are bursting at the seams. This isn’t even on the Tory radar. When we curb the influx of immigrants and train the people that already live here, the infrastructure can grow organically. But we still need stringent, enforced infrastructure guidelines – for example, it should be the law that when you build so many thousands of homes in a town, you must add so many lanes to every arterial road, so many hospitals, land fills, schools, police officers and so on, or you just can’t build those houses.
  8. Low taxes
    They’re trying to say they’re not going to increase taxes but how else are they going to pay for Theresa’s vast social experiment? More debt? Which leads us to…
  9. Responsible fiscal policy
     The deficit has got worse under the Tories, not better. Case closed.
  10. Small government
    Theresa’s social experiment is a million miles away from small government. It’s big-government meddling.
  11. Freedom of speech
    With the Snooper’s charter, Tories are removing freedoms, not adding to them. They will readily ban an “extreme” right-wing party that no one has ever heard of, but not marches by organisations that actually kill people. Suppression of free speech is taking place right now, under this Tory government.
  12. Holding the left to account equally
    Turns out if you put a bacon sandwich on a mosque door, you go to jail and die mysteriously (we still haven’t heard the whole story there), but if you spit in a baby’s face and shout that white babies don’t deserve to exist, you get a suspended sentence. This is happening right now under a Tory government. No condemnation at all. Watch out for an upcoming blog on this.
  13. An end to Female Genital Mutilation
    Tories are more worried about snooping on people than ensuring the safety of children.
  14. Eradication of state-funded propaganda
    These same Tories used our money to pay for remain leaflets, and they’re letting the BBC get away with using our money to tell us we’re stupid.
  15. End jurisdiction of ECHR
    They say we’ll need the European Court of Human Rights for an 2 extra years. Why? It will become 4 extra years and then 10 extra years. Next thing you know it will be permanent. Which leads us to…
  16. Response to terror other than “Carry on”
    The government’s response to the Westminster attack was… Nothing. UKIP would not ban Islam (rightly), but they won’t put up with terror either. There’s no doubt they would deport all on the terror watch list and put in place security provisions and severe punishment equally for left and right wing extremists. No one can argue against this with any true conviction. No one. Yet here we are.
  17. A government with Brexit at its heart
    Tories are backsliders. They are more afraid of the opposition than the people. This is back to front. This election will give more power to their Remain contingent, not their Leave contingent.
  18. House of Lords reform
    Tories will reform only in as much as it benefits them. They have no incentive to do otherwise.
  19. Proportional Representation
    Never in a million years will a Tory government give us this. Four million votes = 1 seat. It’s an absolute travesty. None of that sneaky “but this form of PR has this benefit” shit either! My safe-seat Tory MP has never done a thing for me. Constituencies add nothing to democracy.
  20. Party unity
    Contrary to popular opinion, the Tories are not united, and they certainly aren’t united in favour of Brexit – more like the opposite. UKIP, despite its problems, is united on all of these issues.
  21. UK Unity
    You can’t bring the country together when you’re trying to please everyone. Unity is the job of democracy, not the government. It is the result of everyone having a say. A proportionally elected government has gravitas because the majority rules. The majority brings with it consensus, which makes it very difficult to justify going in the other direction. The media uses this trick all the time because there is no real democracy, just a free-for-all.

The Tories will NEVER give you any of these things, but UKIP will give you all of them.   The whole EU “deal” thing implies that there will be some sort of signed agreement or treaty. You know how hard it was to come this far. Can you imagine trying to reverse this “deal”? You can’t afford to wait for the next election to sort it out. In 5 years time they will have embedded themselves, the “UKIP is dead” mantra will have taken its toll, they’ll be back in bed with the EU (who will crack down on any dissent), and you’ll never get them out. Must I tell you to wake up all over again?

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