10 Indications That Theresa May Will Deliver Soft Brexit

  1. She’s a Remainer; she has never come out for leave or said that UK made the right choice.
  2. She has done nothing thus far to deliver any Brexit at all. Article 50 was the minimum and that took 9 months.
  3. She has allowed Remoaners ample opportunity to regroup and attack, time and time again.
  4. She is hindering the nominations of brexit stalwarts such as Daniel Hannan and David Bannerman.
  5. The Conservative Party already consists of at least 60% Remain MPs. George Osborne’s first day at the Evening Standard shows that surface complicity is not proof of dedication. There are plenty more snakes in waiting.
  6. She has hinted at extended jurisdiction of the ECHR.
  7. She has never even acknowledged fishing rights.
  8. She chose to meet Macron over Le Pen.
  9. She hasn’t reigned in Soubry and Morgan.
  10. She has  an unblemished record of not delivering on immigration.

She’s using the GE to cover up election fraud, not to get more brexiteers in. A Conservative landslide will dilute Brexiteer influence, not enhance it.

She’s not going to get pushed from inside her party. Anyone who really wanted to deliver Brexit would secretly welcome pressure from UKIP so they could justify it to their opponents both inside and outside the party.

Vote Conservative at your peril.

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