This is our chance!

Our weak Prime Minister, who has a clean record of never standing up for anything she says, has called for an early general election. So she triggered article 50. So what? That’s the very least I expect of a “democratic” government, especially one that promised to honour our decision. And let’s not forget, this is almost exactly the same government that did its utmost to bully us into staying in the EU, then railroaded the opposition candidates and ended up crowning its own Remain candidate to deliver something she never believed in.

Naturally she claims it’s because she needs a mandate to implement Brexit. She already has a mandate for Brexit – she just won’t stand up for it! No surprise there. Nonetheless, this is a golden opportunity to ensure that we reiterate our mandate even more resoundingly. I know that the vast body of Leave opinion will be not to rock the boat at this crucial stage; not to split the vote; to trust the “credible” party to deliver what we voted for.

Let’s examine the record of these so-called “credible” politicians. For a start, they put so much pressure on for a Remain win that they seriously skewed the result. Imagine how high the Leave vote would have been if Cameron had got behind the Leave campaign, as he promised he would do if he didn’t get a sensible offer from the EU. Instead, they used taxpayers money to blatantly try to scare us. They bombarded us with threats and told us the UK wasn’t good enough to stand on its own. These “credible” politicians weren’t even prepared for a Leave vote. I won’t even go into the nine months of delays, lost opportunities, and what a gift that was for Remainers.

Now imagine that UKIP had a sizable influence. Hard to imagine, isn’t it? But can you imagine it taking 9 months to even get started? Can you imagine us still spending billions on questionable foreign aid? Can you imagine our response to terror being… well, nothing? Can you imagine us chomping at the bit to go to war with basically anyone who’ll put up a fight? As I write this I’m struck by just how familiar all of these things are – these are all the things we’ve had for the last 100 years. Be it Labour or Conservative, these are the things we have had all that time. Labour might be more stupid, but they’re basically the same. Under Labour and Tories alike, big business has become more and more powerful and Cultural Marxism has gone from strength to strength in our schools, universities and media.

The Conservatives are socialists. There is nothing conservative about them. They have NEVER condemned socialism. They have NEVER addressed the abuse of benefits or the NHS. The so-called “bedroom tax” is probably their best achievement, and that was a PR disaster. At least communists are honest about their intentions. Conservatives are just sly and deceptive. We need a party that slates socialism, not one that panders to it.

The Tories take pride in appealing to the middle. The middle suits noone; the middle creeps backwards; the middle stays the same. The middle is a point between opposite ends of a spectrum. It is not a destination.

Even a few seats in government would give UKIP a voice and send a strong message to the Tories. Now is not the time to take the pressure off; now is the time to put more pressure on. Yes, UKIP is a mess. But it has the right policies to turn things around. UKIP has dozens of truly credible candidates who talk sense and, most importantly, can hold their own in a debate with a communist. Who leads it is irrelevant. UKIP stands for what it believes in. It’s time voters also stood for what they believe in. If you want a repeat of the last 100 years, vote Conservative, otherwise, get an opinion and stand by it. Are you voting for policies or for compromise?

If you’re a Lib Dem voter then there’s no help for you. But if you’re a serious Brexiteer, I urge you to vote for what you want, not for compromise. 5 Years is a long time to compromise. You didn’t vote for compromise when you voted to leave. Why should you do that now? Would you urge French voters to vote for Le Pen, or Macron? Why do you want less for your own country? Do you want a party that is trying to change direction from that which you didn’t want, just to get your vote, or one that has always believed in what you want? Theresa May has never even mentioned a reason for leaving. Not once has she voiced an opinion on the pitfalls of mass migration. Not once has she said that the EU is a dictatorship. She’s only doing this because democracy obliges her to pay lip service to it. Her mantra is “Brexit means Brexit”. That says all you need to know.

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