Our Leadership is Incompatible with Democracy

The hypocrisy coming from the EU at the moment is unprecedented in western democracy. A country that liberated them twice has made the decision to go on its own, not through malice or violence but because, after careful consideration, the majority of its people felt they were getting a raw deal. So what is the EU doing now? They are telling other countries not to have referendums! What democracy does that!

Their tactic, quite openly, is to punish us. Only weeks ago, they signed a trade deal with Canada that allows exactly what we seek to do – to trade freely without surrendering our sovereignty. We already comply with their stupid regulations; we just don’t want 95% of companies to have to adhere to them when they don’t even deal with the EU. Yet we are the demons because we want to be able to make the most fundamental of decisions for ourselves.

Brussels’ reaction should come as no surprise, but we expect better of our own politicians than to try every trick in the book to override a democratic mandate.

We did not sign up to have our sovereignty taken away. We weren’t even asked. I challenge anyone who thinks it is the right of politicians to give away a people’s sovereignty; it’s not theirs to give away, yet that’s exactly what happened. And the same people who gave it away are now quite brazenly trying to push the same agenda, after we were finally asked, and despite the fact we actually said NO.

Politicians have taken Vote Leave’s ridiculous immigration argument and made it into some kind of racist plot. Immigration is a sovereignty issue. The fact is we wouldn’t be leaving if the right to decide immigration policy ourselves had not been signed away. But immigration is just one example of our trampled sovereignty.

Sneer all you like, assign all the over-used labels you like to me, just don’t discredit democracy because you didn’t win. Yes, Hitler was popularly elected. So was Churchill, who ran that son-of-a-bitch to his cowardly end. So was Mugabe, nine times in the last 37 years! We don’t hear you going on about him, because he’s a Marxist. Your hero Castro didn’t even bother with democracy. Anyone who thinks that politicians know better than the bulk of the population need look no further. When you attack democracy by silencing people and running rough-shod over dissent like these tyrants did, you open up the world to more Hitlers, Mugabes and Castros.

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