Pesky democracy!

I’m a lot wiser than I was six months ago. I’m now absolutely convinced that democracy is nothing but a nuisance to most politicians. Today, two of the people responsible for handing over our sovereignty thought it perfectly reasonable to have a go at keeping it out of our hands for good, DESPITE clear instructions from voters to the contrary. Tony Blair and John Major, who both denied us a referendum, now think it’s a good idea to have a second referendum. Mr Blair admits that he won’t return to front line politics because there’s too much “hostility” toward him, yet thinks that we will welcome his interference. Mr Major went as far as to call the referendum “tyranny of the majority”. Clearly, neither has the faintest idea what democracy is.

That politicians resort to this sort of jiggery-pokery is unsurprising, but the same righteous indignation extends to a large proportion of the public. Today I was within earshot of three people enthusing about the prospects of putting a hit out on Trump and Farage.

I have to say that the ONLY people I’ve ever heard talking about killing people, in jest or not, are so-called “Liberals”. So high on their horse are they about racism, hate and injustice, that they become their imaginary nightmare. I’m quite sure they don’t recognise it, nor would they if challenged. Just “locker room” banter, perhaps? No, it’s plain disgusting, hypocritical, and undemocratic. Maybe it’s not so surprising, given the politicians they grew up with.

Hypocrisy is a recurring theme in brexit. At first I couldn’t understand it. I found it infuriating when, time and time again, politicians applied one set of values to others and another to themselves. Labour policy on grammar schools doesn’t gel with their own lives; MPs “champion” democracy only when they win; non-whites can’t be racist; terrorists are “mentally ill”, except when they are right wing – then they’re terrorists. Examples come thick and fast every day. Watch out for them; most of the time we write them off to stupidity. I’ve come to believe they are no coincidence.

It’s no secret that I think socialism is insidious; it’s basically Marxism tempered by democracy. But the more I look into it, the more I see that the hypocrisy we see now is the result of decades of behind-the-scenes scheming. If, like I was, you’re not aware of Cultural Marxism (aka political correctness), take the time to read up on it.

Basically, the duty of Cultural Marxists is to destroy majorities by labelling people under different categories and then setting them against themselves. The hope is that people will become so distressed and confused that they look to the state for guidance. Voila! No pesky democracy.

It’s not those everyday people at work who are actively pursuing this angle. No, they’re the result of it. They already regard with suspicion anyone of whom the state disapproves. The state doesn’t like people who disagree – they’re dangerous, racist, far right. Illegal immigrants however, are good. The fact that they are illegal, many are criminals, if not potential terrorists, none have been checked, and they can  get free accommodation and health care from day one is irrelevant. It doesn’t fit with the narrative. “Illegal” is conveniently dropped from the term and “racist” is applied to dissenters. But it’s impossible for illegal immigrants to be racist or dangerous.

What’s more, we hear what’s right from “experts” every day. What to say, who to hate, what to eat. On it goes.

The whole aim is to create dissent and fear, not to be equitable or sensible – that would unify people. When one label loses its lustre, a new one comes out. You’ll notice labels changing more and more frequently. And it’s not just to do with race. CM encompasses everything from cyclist rage to global warming.

So here we are! Vast portions of the population, mostly university educated, are accepting that the government knows better than mere mortals. One man even said as much to me one day when I was protesting. He actually believed that the wisdon of 650 MPs is superior to the collective wisdom of 34 million people.

Politicians are not trying to reverse democracy  because they know better than us. They’re doing it because we nearly ruined their plan. They can’t be allowed to succeed.

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