Remainers cannot win the Brexit Argument

Remainers are all full of arguments about what could have been and how the Leave campaign lied about everything. Straight up calling something a lie is the preserve of habitual liars, but that doesn’t mean their lies aren’t damaging.

Take the “biggie” for example. I shouldn’t have to justify this but it is a fact that more than £35m goes to the EU every week. We get some of that back. We could spend that money on whatever we like. With me so far?  I make no secret of the fact that the Leave campaign was a shambles and continues to be a shambles. Anyway, they chose to say we could spend that money on the NHS. Well now, thank goodness because the NHS is a bottomless pit, it looks like we won’t spend all of that money on the NHS. So what! We can spend all of that money, including that which was previously spent for us,  on ANYTHING WE LIKE.

Yet remainers get all shirty about it and the overall effect is that they think the argument means nothing at all. We’ll no actually. The fact is we get that money back. It’s a GOOD thing. Stop hijacking good things. End of argument thank-you.

Although it is unforgivable to hand this money over to an unelected, unaccountable dictatorship, this was never about money. Nor was it about immigration, although a country that cannot decide is own immigration policies is not a country. It was about our democracy. You cannot give your sovereignty away and still call yourself a democracy. End of argument thank-you.

Thirdly, shouting racism every time you don’t agree with something is not an argument. It’s a cop out. It’s like saying “you didn’t let me play with your toy”  so I won’t be your friend”. It gives you a sense of righteousness but does not make you right. End of argument thank-you.

But the worst lie of all is the Remain interpretation of democracy. Democracy is the embodiment of the wisdom of the masses, not the stupidity of people. This is the most dangerous lie of all because begins a narrative that spells the end of democracy altogether. Noone in their right mind would go down this route. End of argument thank-you.

Remainers say that Leave voters voted with their hearts, not their heads. I for one, voted with my head. Looking at the March for Europe, it is plain to see that they are the ones who voted with their hearts. They are the ones who voted for nostalgia, to maintain a bygone era that will never return, not us.

You cannot argue these points. So remainers, instead of jumping to airy fairy conclusions, take a long hard look at the facts and think about those grandchildren you keep going on about. There will be a price but it is a price worth paying. We wouldn’t have to pay it if successive governments had not given our sovereignty away without asking us, like you are urging them to do.


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