Brexit? What Brexit?

I worry that the Telegraph’s Juliet Samuel’s view on exiting the EU is the product of the relatively moderate environment in which she works at the Telegraph. It smacks of standing around the water cooler and cooing, “That Brexit vote, eh. What’re they like?”. From where I stand, there is no sign of Brexit at all, just a series of mounting delays and excuses. Far from leaving the EU “like a bat out of hell”, we’re not going anywhere. There is not even a proposed timetable at this stage, only rumours about triggering later and later.

Yes! We are worried about Brexit being stolen from us. Looking at the mainstream media since the referendum you would think that some evil shadow had descended upon the nation, some festering abscess that must be excised from the populace. There is no celebration of the triumph for democracy, no optimism for the future we resoundingly demanded, no lambasting of fear mongers whose threats have proven unfounded, and no mention of anyone who felt bullied into voting Remain. Only a parade of daytime pub customers who aren’t articulate enough to express why they voted Leave. In any real democracy the media would get onside with the majority. Not this one, no they have their own agenda which is propped up by the government. Long after the campaign, the media are still trying to break us down in the hopes that we “regret” our vote. The view that Brexiteers are uneducated, misguided peasants is promoted far above the simple truth that we are the people and we voted to leave. What’s democratic about that? No, democracy is now “popularism”. The longer this goes on unchecked, the more the prospect of Brexit diminishes.

This jiggery-pokery only plays into the hands of a government that is, don’t forget, still overwhelmingly pro-remain. A pro-remain stance is fundamentally anti-democratic; you cannot argue this. I have absolutely zero confidence in Theresa May’s claim that “Brexit means Brexit”. The term itself is deliberately coined to confuse the issue. The correct phrase is “Leave means Leave!” There’s no confusion about that. Leave the undemocratic EU and its stupid policies. Leave the economic union. Leave free movement of people. Leave the democratic injustices of past UK governments behind. The referendum did not ask us, “Brexit the EU or Don’t Brexit the EU?”, it asked, “Leave the EU or Remain in the EU?”

We cannot judge May while she is endlessly delaying proceedings. We can only judge her by her actions, and her actions thus far are deliberate tactics to water down the will of the people. This is the same pro-EU government that promised us an “In/Out” referendum and to “act on the will of the people”. Nothing has changed except a few cabinet shuffles. They didn’t give a damn about democracy during the campaign and they sure as hell don’t give a damn now. And they’re running the show! They are the same people who tried to threaten us into remaining and I still don’t trust them. What value is a promise from a government that has repeatedly shown its disdain for democracy?

These MPs are the culmination of decades of pulling the wool over our eyes. Their predecessors didn’t ask us if we wanted to give away our democracy in return for trade because they knew we would say no. We haven’t been able to hold them to account for decades and they’re not about to let us do that now. You only have to look at their refusal to entertain First Past the Post. Why can’t WE decide? Because we will make the wrong decision? If this is the way they think then they should just be honest and stop calling this a democracy.

All this talk about not enough lawyers and not enough consensus is piffle. Lawyers have the rest of their lives to change the laws back, and you only need to turn to the referendum for consensus – that is the only verifiable consensus. Dozens of countries have gained their independence. Did they stop and say “Oooh, I don’t know. We might have to change our laws”? That’s the whole point! This is just deliberate obfuscation.

There is no negotiation required to leave the EU. We only need to ask one question: “What trade tariffs will you charge us? Bearing in mind that we will charge you the same.” Just ask that and walk away. Whatever they say, we agree! Charge us 100% and we will charge 100% on your luxury vehicles, we don’t mind. Charge us 0%, 23%, 80%, we don’t care. We care about democracy and trading freely, not trading democracy for business. When did the castration of democracy become a prerequisite for trade? We waited 40 years for a UK government to give us the chance to leave the EU and only by a stroke of incredible cockiness did we get it. We will never get that chance again, and now it looks increasingly like we will not get the chance to see it through untainted.

Despite this, Juliet raises the prospect of phasing out freedom of movement gradually, and treating EU citizens more favourably. For heaven’s sake, why! What is your rationale! What is so difficult to understand about a vote to leave? You may not agree with it, and you might think that money is more important than democracy, but there is nothing confusing about the meaning of the referendum result.

The referendum question was very clear and so was the answer. There is nothing negotiable about what we voted for, and we want it now.


17.4 million people.

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