We haven’t left yet

Anyone who says that political correctness is a figment of our imagination doesn’t really understand democracy. Correctness in itself is a watery concept that can only be seen in the light of general consensus, and even then it keeps changing. You have to ask the people what is correct. On the scale of what is correct and what is not, hardly anyone lands right in the middle. In fact the “middle” is a minority, but it gives us the best indication of general consensus. So when 80% of MPs agree what is “correct”, and 52% of the population disagree with them, then political correctness is not only anti-democratic but factually wrong. Moreover, the use of a falsely constructed set of values to threaten anyone who challenges them is wholly unacceptable. We are all entitled to an opinion – it’s what makes up general consensus. Political correctness lent false authenticity to a Remain campaign that was disparaging, condescending and quite frankly, racist. Labelling anyone who disagrees with you as evil is an old colonial tactic, one which has no place in a true democracy; and to categorise such things as evil only draws attention away from that which is truly evil.

Political correctness almost cost us the referendum. That was bad enough but at least there was a modicum of fairness during the official debate. Now, with no official campaign, no purdah and no opposition, the media are free to be as one-sided as they like. The debate never stopped, only now it just accepts arguments from one side. Looking at the television you would swear that this is not the same country where, just 7 weeks ago, 52% voted to leave the EU. More than 17 million voices have disappeared completely. Now “Brexit means Brexit”. What a clever turn of phrase. Not “Leave means Leave”. As far as I’m aware, Brexit was never a phrase coined by leavers; it was dreamt up by the left-wing media to make a mockery of the thought of leaving the EU. Regardless, it has now taken on a whole new meaning: the obfuscation of what is a very simple idea. Other than trade tariffs, there is nothing negotiable about being independent – ask any independent country, including the many to which Britain gave birth. The only question we should be asking the EU is what tariffs they intend to charge us. Whatever they are, we accept! Because we will charge them the same tariffs and they stand to suffer more than us. Besides, we could do with putting some of our eggs in other baskets – a process which the EU find impossible to do itself.

The phrase “Brexit means Brexit” comes from the Conservative Party, no one else. This mantra is only to keep Leavers at bay while May panders to those who didn’t win the referendum. Her only agenda is to stall negotiations and avoid a general election until she can pacify “everyone” with a watered down version. There is no way everyone can win this argument, a combination of staying and leaving doesn’t suit anyone. Only the majority can win. We already have won, although you wouldn’t think so. Just like Cameron, May is taking a gamble. She hopes that she will secure the next general election in the belief that half-satisfying everyone is better than satisfying the majority. Absolutely everybody, as much as we’d like it to be true, knows that this is not possible.

Like me, you may be right behind the brexiteers in the Conservative Party, but they are not in the majority. When this all comes tumbling down they will be blamed, not held up. Even by flirting with the idea of leaving, May is going against the majority in her party. Political correctness was the campaign tool of the Conservative Party more than any other party, yet it appears that support for them has risen dramatically. I too support many Conservative policies, but I can’t hold them to account while we’re part of the EU. We have to be honest and realise that MPs who govern us now are the same ones who blatantly tried to drown us out. You’ve given them the benefit of the doubt for decades. How’s that working out for ya? Well there’s no doubt now – they fought whole-heartedly and viciously to remain. Even when they lost, dozens of new lords won.

I urge Conservative supporters who voted leave not to play with the outcome of the referendum. We should not be fawning over them until they have delivered. The 2020 general election is eons away in political terms – plenty of time to cloud the issue. Only one party, UKIP, still has the same agenda that it has always had: to get us out of the EU. This is STILL not the policy of any other party; in fact the opposite. Conservative brexiteers do not have a party. Perhaps if they did we would have some kind of resolution. No, they prefer to hang on to the coat tails of power and pop up now and then when it suits them. When the dust clears they will still have cushy jobs, if not peerages.

In the big picture there is no political correctness, only democratic correctness. Think about this the next time the pollsters ring up. Keep the pressure on.

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