Well that was short lived. The bullying has paid off. This might be a good time to admit that the Leave campaign failed spectacularly. We have known this since the campaign started but it did not help our cause to admit it. We won this referendum by a small majority because of Leave’s ineptitude and the dazzling scare tactics from the Remain campaign. It was in no way due to the efforts of the Leave campaign.

They started off by concentrating too much on immigration.

  • They did not take the moral high ground by using sovereignty/democracy as their trump card
  • They lied about the bus slogan. We all saw through it but nonetheless recognised the sentiment.
  • Boris started to back out the minute we won, leaving Gove to try to rescue a sinking ship
  • Gove was smeared irreparably from day one, although a brilliant, principled man, probably our best champion
  • Fox immediately jumped to May’s side for reasons only he can understand
  • Leadsom, never exactly a confident voice, allowed the media to manipulate her, but worst of all, gave up our last chance to trigger Article 50

All of this might not have mattered as much if the well-oiled MP machine had not rolled into action to prevent democracy taking its rightful place in British politics. From the start of their campaign they did as much as they could to intimidate the populace. Now without any opposition they will steamroller Brexit. Remain MPs and the media have systematically and very efficiently removed every obstacle. It’s almost as if it never happened. Those MPs retain their positions of power and their nice homes, despite the wishes of their constituents. For now.

Again, I say it does not really matter. All of this has just served to show how ruthless they are. While we still have a smattering of democracy, we will rectify the situation.

I have always maintained that when you take the intimidation into account, Leave actually won by much more – at least 60-40. There are very few people who think that it’s a good idea to have our laws dealt to us, but for some it was a matter of impending “doom”. I daresay now that we have seen how parliament dealt with it, again without involving us, that number will have risen. Bring your second referendum now, or your general election. You will not win this time.

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