From wide-eyed citizen to seasoned campaigner in four easy steps

This blog charts the trajectory of a concerned citizen over the course of a few weeks. I’m sure I am not the only one to have gone through this transformation.

  • A few weeks ago I was worried enough to ask if Cameron actually believed in democracy. He had often said he did, but it didn’t really look like it.
  • It soon became clear that neither he nor his MP buddies believed in democracy. Indeed, a large portion of the population and the entire media shared the sentiment.
  • As the MP machinations crunched through every Leave obstacle, wholesale bullying became the order of the day until…
  • Article 50 was finally quashed with the eradication of its last impediment, Andrea Leadsom.

I suspect the next casualty will be Jeremy Corbyn. How he’s managed to hang on I’ll never know. I would never vote Labour (or Remain) but I seriously respect that man. Whatever happens, he deserves a medal for coming this far.

I am in awe of the remarkable efficiency of parliament. If only they would put the same amount of dedication into something that really mattered. But however awesome it is, it is no match for democracy. Millions of people have died for it over the centuries. This is a small detail which Remain MPs have overlooked. I, in contrast, am staggered that they had the courage to give their lives; I couldn’t do that, however I am beginning to see why they felt it was worth it. Living without any say in your future is not really living. I don’t care what the academics say, or the left-wing nutters, or the right-wing; democracy is in the interests of all of us.

Now we can add the UK to the long list of failed democracies – failures because they were not true democracies. Whether through disenfranchised peoples (most of Africa historically), corruption and intimidation (most of Africa today), or perverted versions like First Past the Post, they have all been watered down, unaccountable versions with far too much power at the top. The whole point of democracy is accountability, the part which the UK has dodged for decades, and now continues to evade. We waited 40 years for the EU to even get onto the table. Even then it was only allowed through an error of judgement by a cocky, over-confident PM. They never had any intention of letting us decide.

Mark my words… Theresa May will not deliver Brexit. Even if she wanted to, she has too many unrepresentative MPs calling the shots. They say Brexit is Brexit, but then they also said they would trigger Article 50.

One thing is for sure: neither party has delivered what the people wanted and none of them will be in power come the next election.

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